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Learn about the different types of number plates in India

Learn about the different types of number plates in India


             All automatic vehicles in India are fitted with license plates. This license plate (also called number plate) number is issued by the "Regional Transport Office" (RTO) of each state.  Which is the main authority of road transport. The license plate is affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle. By law, each number plate must be written in modern Arabic numerals with the Roman alphabet. However in many states this is violated and is also written in the local language. According to other guidelines, this plate should be illuminated for night viewing and without any other text.

             In personal motor vehicles and two-wheelers (motorcycles, scooters) the letters should be written in black on a white plate (ex: KA 01 EK 171). Commercial vehicles such as taxis, trucks, buses, etc. should have letters written in black on the yellow plate (e.g. DL 2C 6011). Vehicles of foreign embassies should have white letters on light brown plates (eg: 11 CD 21). The official vehicle of the President of India and the Governor of the States is free from the number plate. Instead, a red plate on his vehicle bears the golden Indian national emblem.

            HSRP number plate installation has been going on for seven years in Gujarat including Ahmedabad. Not only that, despite the government extending the number plate installation period eight times, millions of vehicles are yet to be fitted with HSRP number plates.

             Date of affixing HSRP number plate. August 31 was not extended in any way, so from today, fines will be levied on drivers without HSRP number plates. In which a fine of Rs.1000 will be levied for 100 heavy vehicles of two wheelers and 100 heavy vehicles of four wheelers.


Learn about the different types of number plates in India


1.Red Number Plate info




Yellow Number Plate

Black Number Plate

Red Number Plate info

White Number Plate


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According to Ahmedabad RTO SP Munia, as per the provision made in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, it is mandatory to affix high security registration number plates on vehicles, which is the last date for affixing. It was till 31st August 2017.

The date of HSRP number plate has not been extended by the Department of Transport today. From September 1, fines will be levied on drivers without HSRP number plates.

Ahmedabad ARTO, S.A. According to the surveyor, dealers of vehicles authorized by the RTO and RTO office are also in the process of affixing the number plates.Learn about the different types of number plates in India

In addition, if the chairman or secretary of any society in Ahmedabad city wants to affix number plates to the vehicles of his society, then he should write the number of vehicles on the letter pad of the society and submit it to the RTO.

Currently, after getting an on-line appointment at the RTO office, the two-wheeler has been given an HSRP. Charge for affixing number plate is Rs. 150 and three wheeler Rs. 150 as well as 400 for four wheeler and 50 for heavy wheeler.

When authorized dealers there HSRP. Number plate affixing fee includes two wheeler-tractor tax of Rs. 3 and three wheeler Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 as well as Rs. Have to pay.


Learn about the different types of number plates in India



Ahmedabad RTO further said that HSRP Driving a vehicle without a number plate is punishable under section 13 of the Motor Wheel Act. So that from today, Ahmedabad RTO and traffic police will pay Rs. 100 for four wheeler Rs. 500, three wheeler Rs. 500 and heavy good wheeler Rs. 1000 fine will be levied.


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