Lord Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP photos Best collection

Lord Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP photos Best collection

             Lord Krishna who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated in the form of Janmashtami festival.

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જન્માષ્ટમી પર્વની હાર્દિક શુભકામનાઓ

Shravan Vad Aatham (Krishna Paksha: Tithi Janmashtami) is a very celebrated festival all over India. It is also known as Krishnajanmotsav. Janmashtami is celebrated as an annual festival of Hindus.


          The festival falls on the eighth day of Rakshabandhan. On this day people celebrate grandly at home and in temples. People also decorate Lord Krishna's Gokuli at home and fast all day and offer 56 different offerings.

The festival is celebrated grandly in Dwarka and Mathura. People are immersed in Krishna devotion. Lord Krishna was born at 12 o'clock on the night of Janmashtami.

    God krishna i love his name and all activity also dvarkadhish,maadhav,radha krishna,mohan,yadav,vasudev,devaki nandan,yashoda lalo,So at 12 o'clock in the night, people celebrate the anointing, worship and Aarti of Lord Krishna in the temple and also in the houses.


              The Matki Fod competition is also held on the city roads on this day. A very nice view of it can be seen in Mumbai. The song "Govinda Ala Re Ala Zara Matki Sambal Brijbala" resounds all day long. A large number of people enjoy this matkifod. Prizes are also kept for the Matki Fod competition.


           It is considered auspicious to keep a piece of broken clay in the treasury. Lord Krishna is the son of mother Devaki and Vasudeva. He was born in a jail in Mathura at 12 o'clock at night. Krishna was the eighth child of Devaki who was about to be killed by Kansa. The narrative is prevalent.

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