All important news headlines read hear in Gujarati


All important news headlines read hear in Gujarati

Hello all friends welcome to education website here are all latest news update in last week 8-8-2020

 Date 8 2020
 Today's headlines
 From the first of September
 To start phased schools
 Central Government Movement
 Outline of resume
 Hello First
 In the first phase, classes of standard 10 to 12 will be started
 In the second phase, classes of nine will be started with duty, although the classes remain for a limited time
 It also considers the option of calling the same class of children on different days to ensure that only 33% of the total number of teachers and students are present in the school at any one time.

All important news headlines read hear in Gujarati

 The school will shift a few classes in the morning shift. A few classes in the afternoon shift will also be used for sanitizer between the two shifts. There will be no rush to start primary pre-primary. Online classes will continue for them.

 Many countries of the world will study the guideline adopted to start school education and from that the Best Actress will be implemented.

 To primary teachers
 The teachers' union challenged the order of Beauty in Comedy Hospital in the High Court
 Primary teachers in a private hospital
 To do beauty as per health desk above
 Order of Ahmedabad District Primary Education Officer by Ahmedabad District Primary Teachers Union
 The writ petition has been challenged before the High Court. The hearing of the writ petition will be held in the coming days.

 Instructions and notices have been given to make Bharat
 Written and verbal representations from teachers to the authorities not to assign such work to teachers as well as to provide security are made by the union to the authorities.

 JEE Maine And grandfather in the Supreme to postpone the neat exam

All important news headlines read hear in Gujarati

 Notice to govt over suspension of teacher who comments on Facebook about education minister

The teacher was suspended after admitting to making a mistake in mental stress in the Corona epidemic

 Preparation of voter list for holding Gujarat Education Board elections has started

 Preparations have started for holding elections after three times extension of the term of members of Gujarat Education Board. The Board has instructed to prepare voter list for the elections today.

All important news headlines read hear in Gujarati

 Lastly, the deadline was extended to September 30 due to Corona.

 After three-four years of deliberations and millions of suggestions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address on higher education today presents education police. People from different fields and bhajans have made them big. The healthier they are, the more they will benefit.  There has been no such question from any section of the country since the introduction of the National Education Policy. There is a kind of discrimination. There were people who told us that the dialect of children and the language of learning in school should be the same so that it is easier for children to learn.  The votebank was moving forward with what we now emphasize on outings for what the Minister of Transport Ramesh pokhriyal nishank and the lust of many universities also joined and this policy of the Higher Education Police and the punishment of man received this proposal to the Ministry of Development was telecast live.  He said President Patel was paired with the national issue of each country's education system

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