ITI PRAVESH 2022 Adopt vocational education and training

ITI PRAVESH 2022 Adopt vocational education and training

Introduction. :

In the present period, industrialization of various sectors is increasing in the state and the nation. International companies are also setting up industries in the country, new fields are emerging and there are more bright opportunities to get employment / self-employment for a candidate who has acquired vocational education and acquired professional skills. Many candidates who have acquired skills through vocational training imparted through industrial training institutes in the state are today finding good employment not only in the nation but also abroad. Therefore, adopting vocational education is the best option to easily get employment / self-employment. Extensive and comprehensive training to provide vocational training in government / grant-in-aid / self-reliant industrial training institutes (ITIs) operating in all talukas / hinterland areas of the state under the control of the Employment and Training Department under the auspices of Labor, Skill Development and Employment Department of the State Government. Features are available, the introduction of which is as follows.

Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS):

The main objective of the scheme, designed by the Director General of Training, New Delhi (DGT) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India to provide vocational training, is to provide skilled manpower to various industries and service sectors as well as the emerging technology in different fields. To help you become self-employed. The National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) pattern under the Artisan Training Scheme is managed by Government Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), Grant-in-Aid Industrial Training Centers (GIA), Self-Employed Industrial Training Institutes, Govt. Is. In addition, under this scheme, businesses under state level Gujarat Council of Vocational Training (GCVT / SCVT) pattern are also included.

Training is imparted in various types of employment / self-employment oriented courses in government / grant-in-aid / self-reliant industrial training institutes under the control of employment and training department. The details of which are as follows.

2.Even the kind of scholarship is not given. Details of affiliations of businesses operating under CTS scheme: 4.3

2.4.1 Courses affiliated to the Director General of Training, Government of India, New Delhi (DGT) are examined by the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) and the trainees who have passed Certificate of .VT is awarded.

The courses which are affiliated to the Employment and Training Department of the State Government are examined by the Gujarat Council of Vocational Training (GCVT) and the trainees who have passed the GCVT. State level certificate is awarded.

6.2.5 NCVT Out of the total sanctioned seats of Pattern's business, I.T.I. / ITC Per NCVT Details of Affiliate and Unaffiliated seats in different business of the pattern and of the seats payable in the recruitment session of August-206 Appendix: 16 and Appendix: 16 Web site of this account

(2) https: // itimission. can be found on Final information regarding affiliation of the respective trade while filling the entry form. Can be obtained at the time of admission. Trainees / guardians are requested to get admission knowing the details of trade / unit affiliation at that institution.

Admission Procedure: 2.3.1 This brochure applies only to Government / Grant-in-Aid / Self-Employed Industrial Training Centers, and is valid for one year and two years only (GCVT / NC). Can be put to good use to gain access to VT) businesses.

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In case of entry into businesses with a term of less than one year, the procedure is to be carried out locally separately from the concerned institution level. Govt. NCVT under the scheme. / GCVT For admission in the courses of the pattern, it is requested to contact the respective technical high schools, training institutes for the disabled candidates and self-help centers.

8.2.5 As admission is done through centralized admission system, the candidate has to fill the online admission form through internet. For help regarding admission, the help center at the nearest government / grant-in-aid organization can be contacted and free online form filling facility will also be provided from the help center for which the help center has to be contacted in person during working days. Online form can be filled on the account website

6.2.5 After filling the form, registration fee of Rs.50 / - will have to be paid online through digital medium. Instructions for filling up the online application form are given on page no: 12 and the method of determining the merit list for admission is given on page no: 12 and all the operations of choice filling and admission will be done in a centralized manner.

6.2.5 Occupations available in the Industrial Training Institute, business matters, details of career opportunities after completion of training and further information may be available at the Help Center of the Industrial Training Institute. Therefore, if one visits the institute in person before taking admission, one can gain understanding in choosing the professions. By contacting the Employment Officer (Vocational Guides) of any of the Employment Exchange Offices of the State or also from the Director, Employment and Training, Gandhinagar web site ( to get the latest details and guidance on career development. Can be. It is advisable to visit the Help Center before filling up the admission form and for all the updated details it is advisable to visit the website from time to time. That means looking at the website on a daily basis.

General instructions regarding filling up of application form

1. Arrangements have been made to fill up the online admission form in collaboration with the Help Center in Government Industrial Training Institutes / Grant-in-Industrial Training Centers. Admission form for admission in Government Industrial Training Institutes / Grant-in-Industrial Training Centers / Self-reliant Industrial Training Centers in Admission Session-207 can be filled online through this department's web site through internet. . .

3. Candidate has to register online for online application form or registration process. For this the candidate has to show his mobile number and e-mail ID. After completing all the details of the admission form, the registration number of the candidate will be generated. The candidate will have to upload his latest passport size photo (25 KB to 100 KB).


If there is any error in the online admission form of the candidate, the form can be amended as required before confirmation. The candidate will have to verify the application thoroughly and confirm the application if it deems fit. After confirming the application form, registration on the portal through digital (UPI / Debit card / Credit card / Net banking).


Fee Rs.50 / - (Number Rs. Fifty Pura) has to be paid online. The application will then be submitted. Provisional merit list will then be generated. If there is any defect in it, the candidate can visit the nearest help center and get it corrected.

All the ITIs of his choice as well as all according to the place of choice, occupation, organization etc. of the candidate

Be able to do choice filling for trade selection and order according to choice.

Before filling up the online admission form, the necessary guidelines regarding filling up the admission form should be read from the website of this department Provisional admission will be given to the candidate on the basis of details in the online form. Upon receipt of the Provisional Admission Order, it will be necessary to verify all the original documents related to the admission in person at the institution. In the meanwhile, if any defect is found, the admission will be considered as cancellation. Which will be binding on the candidate.

Document verification if deemed appropriate, if the candidate will accept the allotted seat within the stipulated time limit.

. Also if the deposit of tuition fee, tuition fee / session fee is paid online / offline within the stipulated time limit, then its admission order will be generated. If the fee is not paid then the admission of the candidate will be canceled.

10. Candidate will be able to participate in Admission Round: 2 again by changing or upgrading his / her choice as per his / her wish. Admission Round: As per the admission of 3, he has to go to the institute, verify the certificates and pay the fee and confirm the admission. Candidate has to do the process of cancellation of admission online.

11. The offline round will then be conducted in which the candidate has to select the institution by giving online consent to participate and admission will be given on vacant seats at the institution level. Read More Candidates can get more details regarding admission by contacting the help center at their nearest Industrial Training Institute.


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