Matter of driver and conductor grade pay imruvment

Matter of driver and conductor grade pay imruvment 

              Pursuant to the above subject, stating that as per the agreement made between the corporation and the recognized organizations, from the relevant letter (2) of the Department of Ports and Transport of the Government, " Grade pay of 1500 instead of 1500 for driver of the corporation and 1800 instead of grade pay of 150 for conductor is allowed to be implemented from 1/11/2081. Grade Pay will have to be implemented from 1/11/2081. Increment with any arrears or National Benefit of previous period. Additions will not count. ' It has been approved accordingly.

Letter to the Deputy Secretary Ports and Vehicle Transactions Department regarding approval of the fixation process as per the suggestion of the committee and formation of a committee at the corporation level regarding the salary fixing to be done as per the above approval. From the letter (2) referred to by the Section Officer, Ports and Vehicle Transactions Department stating that "no re-approval has been given by the Finance Department in respect of pay fixation. '' Stated.

July 2022 bank holiday

From the letter (2) referring to the Joint Director (Administration), Accounts and Treasury to verify the head fixation by the Corporation, from the letter (2) referred by the Accounting Officer, Office of the Director of Accounts and Treasury to the Board of State As per the instructions given by the corporation to take action by the office here, the corporation level again formed a committee and after considering all the matters by the committee, instructions are published to take the following action at the end of the adult consideration.

મુજબ As per section (2) of Gujarat Civil Service (Salary) Rules, 2006, “As the pay scale of a place changes, the holder of the place is deemed to have changed in place of the new pay scale. If so, it will be decided at the next stage of the new pay scale. Will be able to.

મુજબ As per the approval received from the Government, the new pay scale is to be implemented from 1/11/2071, on 1/11/2081 the driver and conductor whose name is on the establishment of the corporation and the employees who have been appointed in the regular pay scale. Payment of pay-fixation orders to the driver and conductor level employees who have retired after 11/2021 or have been discharged from the job of the corporation in any other way should be audited by the accounting branch and the payment should be completed by Jan-209 paid in July-203.

The arrears of the difference of 7 months from November 2021 to May 206 will have to be paid after fixation in IFMS. Notice of payment of arrears shall be published separately by the Accounts Branch.

In order to complete the said process within the time limit, in addition to 6 employees who are knowledgeable about this matter, two clerks who can type on the computer, one supervisor and one officer's sp. The bridge will have to be reviewed for immediate action. In order to complete the proceedings in time, the head of the departmental unit / head of the unit will have to pay personal attention.


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