These 25 places in Gujarat are the best option if you are planning a picnic

These 25 places in Gujarat are the best option if you are planning a picnic

 It is a pleasure to visit these places in Gujarat

                        The city of Lord Krishna i.e. Dwarka is the first choice for people in tourist destinations. Jagat Mandir, Gomti Ghat, Nageshwar, Shivrajpur Beach are some of the places worth visiting in Dwarka. Devotees enter the Jagat temple here from Swargadra according to a special structure. And exits the temple through Moksha. Betdwarka is located 30 km from Dwarka. Dwarka holds a very important place for the Vaishnava sect. Bat Dwarka can be reached by water from Dwarka by ferry. There are also temples of Mahaprabhuji's seat and Patrani of Lord Krishna. In Dwarka, Adya Shankaracharya established the Shardapith and installed his disciple Sureshwaracharya as the presiding deity.

                     Thus Diu is a Union Territory. Officially it is not considered in Gujarat but geographically it is connected with Gujarat. There is a sea around Diu. Nagwa Beach in Diu is a center of attraction for hikers. Besides, the pleasant atmosphere of Diu also makes the mind happy. Ghoghala and Jalandhar Beach in Diu are also places worth visiting. The Naida Caves are also magnificent. Beach sports along the Diu beach also attract people. There are many hotels in Diu. Those who want to go to Somnath from Diu have to cover a distance of only 90 kilometers.

                 Polo Forest is located on the road from Idar to Vijayanagar in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat state. It is 70 km from Himmatnagar and 150 km from Ahmedabad. The river Harnav flows through this forest. On which a big dam and many small barriers have been built. You can enjoy a day trip in the forests of Polo. Twelve months you can come to the forests of Polo. If you come here in monsoon, you will see nature flourishing with its sixteen arts. Seeing which, your mind will also be overwhelmed.

                         Zarwani Falls, located at a distance of about 8 km on the opposite bank of the river Narmada Dam, is a very scenic spot in the middle of the forest. The place in the mountains of Satpuda looks wonderful in the monsoon. The lush green mountains, fields and rushing streams and rivers fill the mind with freshness. Although Zarwani Falls is small in height, one has to walk in the waters of Gothandub river to see it. Which gives a feeling of thrill with an adventure. Gujarat best tout places 

                             There is a 1200 feet high hill called Taranga or Tarangahil in Satlasana taluka of Mehsana. It is mainly a part of the Aravalli range. The beauty of the mountains here is spectacular. There are beautiful Jain temples here. Kumarapala has also built a beautiful temple of Lord Ajitnath here. This place is a center of faith for Jains. The visitor here receives positive energy.

                                  The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi unveiled the world's largest statue of Sardar Patel in 2018 and presented the country with the Statue of Unity.  Today, the 182 meter high statue of Sardar Patel has become the center of attraction in the state of Gujarat and India.  Thousands of people come here.  In which people from all corners of India visit Kevadia village in Narmada district.  The statue is located at a distance of 3.5 km from Sardar Sarovar Dam.  Sardar Sarovar Dam, Satpuda as well as Vindhya mountain range can be seen from the Statue of Unity.  Along with the 

Statue of Unity there are places of interest includin

  • leisure shows, 
  • light shows,
  • flower valleys, 
  • boating,
  • cactus gardens, 
  • butterfly gardens, 
  • ekta nurseries, 
  • jungle safaris, 
  • ekta malls.


                    It is a scenic spot located on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra.  The majestic hills of Saputara in the Sahyadri range in Ahwa taluka of Dangs are delightful.  Temperatures in Saputara never go above 30 degrees during the year.  The locals are tribals who have vacated Saputara's ancestral residence at the request of the government and moved to Nawanagar.  The tribal museum in Saputara is also worth a visit.  You can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise from the hills.  Not far from Saputara, Gira Falls called "Niagara of Gujarat" is also a major attraction.  Saputara has a number of hotels and guest houses to  stay in.

        Piroton Bat is located about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Bedi harbor.  Spread over an area of ​​about 3 sq km, this coral island is surrounded by mangrove forests in addition to wonderful marine life.  Most visitors come to visit during the winter.  Due to being protected under the Marine National Park and being in the sea away from the mainland of India, many types of permits are required to visit Piroton.  Permission from the Forest Department, Customs Department and Ports Department is required for Indian citizens.  Foreigners also need additional police department permission.


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                                        Palitana is a major pilgrimage site for Jains in Bhavnagar.  The town is also called the "city of temples".  There are many temples associated with Jain memory in Palitana.  Palitana is a must visit to experience the wonderful carvings in the temples, the confluence of holiness, delight and peace.  The beautiful Shetrunjaya mountain is also located here.  At the top of which are many small and big Jain temples.  This tirthan, associated with Lord Adinath, the first tirthankar of Jains, is considered to be the highest of all Jain tirthans.  The beautiful atmosphere here attracts everyone.

                 Nal Sarovar is located at a distance of about 70 km near Sanand in Ahmedabad.  Nal Sarovar is a bird sanctuary, spread over an area of ​​120.82 sq km.  Which is filled with shallow water 4 to 5 feet deep.  Lake Nal is a quiet marshland with 36 small islands.  Nal Sarovar is also said to be the largest bird sanctuary in Gujarat.  More than 200 species of birds live mainly in this lake and birds from Siberia also come here.  For bird lovers, Tap Lake is like paradise.  A variety of birds including pink pelicans, flamingos, cracks, horns, white storks can be seen in Nal Lake.  During the winter, a large number of travelers flock to this place to enjoy the fun.  This is because a large number of exotic birds also come here to rest during this period.

                                The white desert of Kutch makes us feel like we are on the moon on the ground.  Many tours and festivals are organized here.  Traditional-artistic objects of Kutch are also found here.  The white desert of Kutch is a center of attraction not only for Gujarat but for people all over the world.  Due to the salinity, the gray color of desert sand turns white.  And the earth appears to be covered with a white sheet.  Hence this desert is also called white desert.  In the cool moonlight, the view of this desert is different.

                                    Jambughoda Sanctuary is located in Jambughoda taluka of Panchmahal district in the state of Gujarat, about 20 kilometers from Champaner and about 90 kilometers from Vadodara.  Jambughoda is a sanctuary full of bamboo, mahuda, teak and other vegetation.  It was declared a sanctuary in May 1990.  The forest is home to a variety of animals as well as venomous and non-venomous reptiles.  One of the characteristics of the Purple Horse Sanctuary is that it is a sparsely populated sanctuary located in a mountainous area.  For the same reason, the natural beauty of this place is multiplied many times as compared to other natural places.  Many tribal settlements inhabit the dense forest hills as well as the valleys.  The sanctuary has many places to roam in the forests.  People from far and wide come here to enjoy the special trekking.  Apart from this, there is a forest department rest house, sanctuary and two reservoirs.

                        Eder is located in Sabarkantha.  Eder is also called a historic town.  Eder is especially known for its Idria fortress.  The fortress of Eder, considered invincible, is a symbol of victory.  The history of Idriya Gadh, which has witnessed many events for thousands of years, is also interesting.  Eder is situated at a distance of 120 km from Ahmedabad and is surrounded and developed between the hills of Aravalli.  If there is any special identity of this town known all over India, it is its huge rocks.  The city of Eder has also stood tall for years amidst huge boulders.  The natural anointing of cool water takes place even in the scorching summer at Zarneshwar Mahadev located inside the fort.  Shivling is seen as soon as you descend into the cave under the huge stone.  In winter and monsoon season you can visit Idriya Garh.  For trekking enthusiasts, GUJARAT TOP PLACES  a visit to Idriya Garh will definitely be full of adventures.

                                The largest sanctuary area of ​​Gujarat is Gir.  This wonderful place with a population of Savjo attracts a lot of tourists.  A variety of trees are found in the forests of Gir.  People take time out from their busy lives to enjoy nature.  The forest of Gir flourishes in the rainy and cold seasons.  In Asia, lions are found only in the open in the Gir Sanctuary.  People from home and abroad come to see lions in Gir.  The forest of Gir has natural as well as historical significance.  Gir forest in Gujarat is the best option for peace of mind and getting lost in the pursuit of nature.  There are also several resorts around the Gir forest.  You can also stay in Una, Visavadar.  There is also a stop facility at Dhari, one end of Gir.


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These 25 places in Gujarat are the best option if you are planning a picnic
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