Matter of increasing the rate of dearness allowance available to the employees


                       Teachers who are on deputation as BRC / CRC. Candidates who want to go from standard 6 to 8 will have to submit their option paper to their TPEO Shri.vikalp camp 2022


                 This is accompanied by a form showing the details of subject wise qualification prepared keeping in view the provisions of the existing resolutions, so that the teacher who is qualified accordingly will have to choose the subject for the educational assistant option.


                  The teacher educator wishing to submit the option should fill the option form in the prescribed form and submit the certificate of his educational qualification in two copies and in readable copies in one set to the principal of his school.

Certificates of Educational Qualification: 

 (1) Marksheet of SSC / HSC and Certificate

 (2) Last year of PTC Marksheet and Certificate

 (3) Last year's marksheet and degree certificate of graduation.

 (4) of Training Graduate (B.Ed.) Marksheet and Certificate

 (5) Marksheet of last year of postgraduate and Certificate 

(6) Marksheet of TET-2 and Certificate 

(7) Marksheet and certificate of other additional qualifications

             Every teacher submitting an alternative letter is required to read all the resolutions and circulars issued by the Vidyashayak Sarkar Shri, so that their understanding of the provisions made in this regard becomes clearer. 6. If the teacher in the camp disagrees with the choice of educational place or is absent from the camp

                  The claim will be dismissed. They will have to re-apply to the new camp.

                 If the teacher who chooses the option in the option camp is of mature age and has sufficient understanding, the school or the option order given by them will not be revoked later under any circumstances, i.e. 1 to 2 cannot be returned

               To pursue higher studies in the current job if he has obtained the qualification of upper primary department during the current job Therefore, the letter of approval of the competent officer must be attached State Government from 07/05/2022

પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકોની બદલી કેમ્પના નિયમને પડકારાયો, હાઈકોર્ટની સરકારને નોટિસ

અરજદારોને બદલી કેમ્પમાં ભાગ લેવાની મંજૂરી. 

                 Applicants are allowed to participate in the VIKALP camp. Change of primary teachers challenged Campanium, notice to High Court government

                   The High Court has sent notices to the state government after hearing about 50 petitions challenging the rule issued by the state government on April 1, 2022 regarding the transfer of primary teachers.  The High Court has given an interim order granting relief to the applicant teachers that the applicants can participate in the transfer camp, however, the authorities will not make any order regarding the posting of the applicants till the next hearing.  The petitioner demands that, considering the seniority since the appointment in the school, do not apply the rule of appointing BRC-CRC to the original place with retrospective effect.


              According to the petitioner's counsel, the state government has recently issued rules regarding transfer of teachers.

                     In which, the teachers teaching in Std.  If he wants to go as 6 to 8 shikshak, he has to pass TET-2 exam.  If TET-2 examination is not held in the state after the year 2017, then how can these teachers submit the certificate of passing it?  Give relief to this rule now.  The petitioner also submitted that when a teacher is posted as BRC-CRC for a specified period of time, other teachers were recruited on the basis of seniority in his vacant post.  However, under the new rules, they will now be appointed to their original posts after the term of the BRC-CRC expires.  As a result, the number of teachers who have come to this school by transfer will increase.



વિવિધ જિલ્લાના વિકલ્પ કેમ્પ આયોજન 2022 બાબત પરિપત્ર નીચે આપેલ છે.

Matter of increasing the rate of dearness allowance available to the employees

               On pay as per pay scale under Gujarat State Service (Salary Reform) Rules-2013, dated in reference (2). Pursuant to Government Resolution dated 22/09/2021, State Government employees and pensioners As per the effect of 21/07/2021, inflation allowance will be available at the rate of 28%. Date of Government of India shown in reference (2) above. From the office memorandum dated 25/10/2021, in case of Central Government employees, dt. With effect from 1/07/2021, it has been decided to increase the rate of inflation allowance at the rate of 28% of the current allowance to be paid at the rate of 215. At the existing rate of 31% of the allowance of state government employees and pensioners. With the effect of 19031, the matter of increasing it to 51% was under consideration of the Government. At the end of the adult deliberation, in the case of State Government employees and pensioners, it is decided to sanction the allowance at the following rates.


Date payable 01-07-2021

The rate of monthly inflation allowance payable

31% of basic salary

Date of Finance Department All other allowances except dearness allowance till further orders as per the decision of the State Government

Prior to Sudha i.e. Sixth Pay Commission will be payable according to the salary and rate received in the pay structure.

In the case of pensioners, the amount of inflation allowance as per monthly from May 206 to 316 is regularly paid along with the monthly pension and the total difference of 10 months from July 2021 to April 206 of the proposed inflation allowance in two installments.

(1) First installment (July-2021 to November-2021 with pension of May-206 and

(3) The second installment (December-2021 to April-206) along with the pension of June-20 shall be paid.

State Government and Panchayat Employees Expensive allowance and difference amount due from 1/4/2071 will have to be paid in cash.

State Government Pensioners The amount of temporary additional difference receivable from 1/4/2071 has to be paid in cash

50 (fifty) paise and above will be paid in full rupee in inflation allowance and amount less than 50 (fifty) paise will not be taken into account.

These orders include all state government employees and panchayat employees whose provident fund accounts are under the control of the state government. Will apply to employees who have been,

Expenses incurred by Panchayats due to costly allowances sanctioned to their employees and non-government secondary schools to their teachers as well as subsidized grants to their employees will be regulated as prescribed in these orders. Expenses incurred due to these orders will be considered eligible for the grant provided that the difference in the cost of allowances thus sanctioned should not exceed the share due to the equivalent employees of the State Government.

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Matter of increasing the rate of dearness allowance available to the employees
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