Solar storm may strike the earth, lightning, mobile phones may be damaged

Solar storm may strike the earth, lightning, mobile phones may be damaged 

              The US space agency NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say that coronal mass ejection (CME) could collide with the Earth in the next 24 hours with intense energy.  This will be followed by another solar storm, which could damage the electricity grid and the equipment attached to it.  According to reports, the storm could be of G2 level.  NASA and NOAA say that this dangerous storm is likely to collide with the earth's magnetic field at high speed.  This could lead to power outages and damage to mobile phones. 

                In the next 24 hours a big solar storm (News About Geomagnetic Storms Earth) is likely to hit the earth. Scientists fear that the effects of this solar storm (Solar Storm 2022) could be seen with the Earth. NASA predicts that this solar storm is caused by coronal mass ejection 


             US Space Weather Center (SWPC) classifies this solar storm as G-2 series, which is considered very dangerous 

           The strongest solar hurricane "G5 Extreme" and the weakest solar storm in the G1 Minor category. 

              Space meteorologist Tamita Skov tweeted that the solar storm will hit Earth directly on April 14 and 15. Then it will become more dangerous. 

NASA states that this solar storm could hit at 6 pm Indian time. He also said that the storm would intensify because of the pressure that would come from behind after it hit the earth. 

                 The greatest impact can be seen in the outer atmosphere due to solar storms hitting the earth. Which could have a direct effect on satellites orbiting the earth. Scientists say GPS navigation, mobile phone signals and satellite TV could be disrupted. Even the weakest solar storm causes fluctuations in the power grid.