Kutch-Bhuj varshik pariksha 2022 karykram suchana

Kutch-Bhuj varshik pariksha  2022 karykram suchana.

The following instruction has to be followed during the second term examination to be taken from 18/04/2022 to 28/04/2022. 

 The syllabus of the second semester will be taken into consideration in all the subjects of Std. 6 to 8 in this test.

 Will have to. Granted and self-reliant primary schools will be able to test the remaining subjects voluntarily.

 Government primary schools will have to implement the same tests for all academic subjects. Gujarati, English and Hindi medium question papers should be taken as per the above schedule. There will be first, second question paper of the language only according to the medium. Standard 9 Hindi and English in Hindi medium

 The medium will have standard 9 English question paper.

 In schools where shift system is being implemented, examinations of all subjects of all standard will have to be conducted as per the given timetable.

 Students of Std. 9th and 8th will have to write in the question paper. Students of Std-6, 7, 8, and 8 will have to write a separate assessment in the answer book with pen.

 The syllabus of the second semester is included in this examination. Representative study for this

 The conclusions are given along with the standard and subject. To follow the instructions issued by the Government from time to time under COVID-12

 Will be.

 The head teacher and staff must be present at the school during the examination days from 09:30 to 12:30.

 Leave if any taluka / school has given local leave on the dates indicated in the examination time sheet

 Exam will have to be taken according to the canceled schedule.

 You will be responsible for maintaining the seriousness and confidentiality of the exam. Online data entry of this result will have to be done. Program for this and its detailed instructions

 The entire education will be given separately through the campaign. Which must be strictly followed to complete the data entry work in time.

 The sealed question paper prepared ten minutes before the assessment test should be opened in front of the evaluation test committee. And for that you have to sign with the time and date to open their cover.

 Schools with one or two teachers. He is the second or third member of the SMC. No member's signature will be required.

 In order to conduct the assessment test smoothly and maintain its credibility, the school headmaster will have to arrange examination room seating arrangement, supervision, answer book examination etc. as per the instructions given by the concerned Taluka Primary Education Officer. Each school has a standard in the classroom for seating arrangements on the blackboard in the examination classroom.

 Number of students, number of attendees, number of absentees and supervisor and date of examination and

 Will have to point out the subject.

 દરમિયાન During the assessment test, the teaching work of Std. 1 and 2 will be as per routine. Arrangements should be made to ensure that the children get the benefit of lunch during the assessment test.

 Graphs in Mathematics subject in Std. 6 and map in Std. 6 to 8 will be given in the cover along with the question paper. .

 Answer books will be provided to 5 government primary schools from here. Granted and private schools which will join the question paper will be given CRC / BRC. Through

 Question papers will be delivered and they will be given separate payment instructions. Instructions on the result sheet should be implemented as per the instructions included in the enclosure.

 (JP Prajapati) District Primary Education Officer

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Kutch-Bhuj varshik pariksha 2022 karykram suchana
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