Matter of organizing a program under Cyber ​​Crime Public Awareness

Matter of organizing a program under Cyber ​​Crime Public Awareness

Subject: Matter of dismissal of 100% transferred teachers


 In accordance with your letter no. 19/01/2022 regarding the above subject, in accordance with the letter no.  100% done - Teachers are therefore allowed to be released in special cases.

 But due to dismissal as mentioned above, if any school has zero (0) teachers, i.e. teacherless, then the last eligible teacher will have to be dismissed from the presence of new teacher.  The execution of this order must be expedited.


All of the district

(2) Govt. Officer Shri Nagar Primary Education Committee

Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot Corporation

Subject: Matter of organizing a program under Cyber ​​Crime Public Awareness

Reference (1) - Letter No. of Education Department: Perch / 1300/359 / 1.3 Dt. 08/12/2071

Reference (2) - Cyber ​​Crime Cell letter no.

Ta. 7/11/201

According to the above topic, as part of Cyber ​​Awareness Day, State Cyber ​​Crime Cell, CID Crime, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar will conduct a one-hour cyber crime public awareness program on the first Wednesday of every month at schools and colleges in coordination with cyber experts and police. Under this cyber awareness program will be organized in schools / colleges of the state. The program was organized in the schools and colleges of Std. 9 to 12 registered in the state

Will come. In order for the planning and program to be done properly, the schools of your district will have to submit the correct information in the form as per the instructions given below to fill in the information on the link given in the Google form ( In this case

Your class is requested to give necessary instructions to the schools of your district.

Enclosure: Instructions for filling out the form

(Jayshree Devangan) AD. State Project Director

Copy to

-Commissioner, Office of Schools, Block no. 3/1, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar

Instructions for filling out the form under the Cyber ​​Crime Awareness Program

- This form is designed for planning a Cyber ​​Crime Awareness Program. - Organizing Cyber ​​Crime Awareness Program in school / college for 1 hour on first Wednesday of every month

will be done.

- 1 coordinator of the school / college so that the school / college can coordinate for this planning

Information must be filled in this form.

- Cyber ​​experts from here to provide information on cyber crime awareness in this program.

And a police officer staff will be arranged.

* The school will have to fill in the information below in Google form.

1. School details

a school Name, to enter h, Institute City / District to enter

2. Coordinator Information (Please select a teacher from your Institute who will become the coordination of the Cyber ​​Awareness Program)

.. Name, b. Contact Number,

c. E-mail ID

3. Information of Institute Infrastructure (Yes, No) is to be given.

a Hall (Yes, Mo), b. Capacity of Hall,

t, Projector (Yes, No),

d, Projector Screen (Yes, No),

છે Entry according to Audio System (Yes, No).

4. All the details have to be filled compulsorily and after filling the details click on submit.

5. For more information contact E-Mail ID:

The liaison officer of the office here

Mo. No. 20

(1) Shri BM Tank, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Cyber ​​Cell, CID Kaim, G.R. Gandhinagar

(1) Shri DJ Shukla, PSE (Va.), Cyber ​​Cell, CID Crime, Gujarat Gandhinagar Mo. No. - 206

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