Matter of starting "offline" education in the primary schools of the state


Matter of starting "offline" education in the primary schools of the state

                      Offline classes of Std. 6 to 8 have started in Gujarat from today.  Then Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama has hinted to start other standard classes in the coming days.  Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, who was present at the Kargil Victory Day celebrations at the NCC headquarters in Ahmedabad, said, "Classes 9 to 11 have started as the transition to Corona has eased.  Then other classes will start in the coming days.  A core committee meeting will be held on the issue of starting other classes.

                     It will then be decided when to start more classes.  However children are not required to come to school.  Schools, on the other hand, will have to continue online classes, the education minister said.

Hon'ble Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama Saheb Education Minister, Gujarat State, Swarnim Sankul-1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.

The education department has started preparations to start classes from standard 6 to 8


The education department is ready to start classes from standard 6 to 8

                   Has started Instructions have also been given for the cleanliness of the school classrooms.  The government is planning to start classes 6 to 8 from the beginning of August.  The government will also consider starting Std 1 to 5 after August 15.  The government is preparing to start classes with 50 per cent capacity.  However, let me tell you, student attendance at school will be optional.  The student will be educated only with the consent of the guardian.  The opinion of the health department will be discussed at the core committee meeting.  The state government will make a formal announcement in this regard in the near future.

 તમામ નવા પરિપત્રો નીચે આપેલ છે.

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વાલી સંમતી પત્રક એક્સલ ફાઇલ ઓટો ફોર્મ્યુલા સાથે 

વાલી સંમતી પત્રક પીડીએફ ફાઇલ ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીં

Subject: - Matter of starting "offline" education in the primary schools of the state

 May.  Respected Sir,

 Courtesy to inform the above subject research that the coordination meeting of Gujarat State Primary Teachers Association was held on 31-9-2021 at 'Chanakya' Bhavan, Sector-13, Gandhinagar.  In which, from Agenda No. 2 and 3, online education in schools and giving offline education to the children by calling the school was discussed in detail and district wise opinion was taken.

 In this regard, I would like to inform you that Corona's condition is becoming normal now and in online education

 Complaints received regarding network, considering the difficulties faced by children in street education at the village level

 GUPRShi Sangh demands that children be called to the school according to the rotation system or in phases.

 In the first stage children of Std. 6 to 8 are called to school then in the second stage Std.

 We demand that children be called to school.  Students in the interest of education considering the number of students

 It is our humble request that the school call and instruct us to start offline learning.


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