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પેટ્રોલ પર 8 રૂપિયા પ્રતિ લીટર અને ડીઝલ પર 6 રૂપિયા પ્રતિ લીટર સેન્ટ્રલ એક્સાઈઝ ડ્યુટી ઘટાડી

આનાથી પેટ્રોલના ભાવમાં 9.5 રૂપિયા પ્રતિ લીટર અને ડીઝલના ભાવમાં 7 રૂપિયા પ્રતિ લીટરનો ઘટાડો થશે

આ વર્ષે, પ્રધાનમંત્રી ઉજ્જવલા યોજનાના 9 કરોડથી વધુ લાભાર્થીઓને ગેસ સિલિન્ડર દીઠ (12 સિલિન્ડર સુધી) 200 રૂપિયાની સબસિડી મળશે.

Ministry of Education

Validity period of Teachers Eligibility Test qualifying certificate extended from 7 years to lifetime - Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank'

Union Education Minister Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal "Nishank' announced that Government has decided to extend the validity period of Teachers Eligibility Test qualifying certificate from 7 years to lifetime with retrospective effect from 2011. The respective State Govts. /UTs will take necessary action to revalidate/issue fresh TET certificates to those candidates whose period of 7 years has already elapsed, he added.

Shri Pokhriyal said this will be a positive step in increasing the employment opportunities for candidates

aspiring to make a career in the teaching field. Validity period of Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) qualifying certificate has been extended from 7 years to lifetime with retrospective effect from 2011. 

The Government of Gujarat has declared public holidays for government offices and banks for the calendar year 2021 with the announcement dated 5th October 2020.

 Part-I of this Declaration is a public holiday as stated in the order of leave for the offices of the State Government.

 "Mahoram (Ashura) was declared on 15th August, 2031/3 Shravan, 18, Thursday".  Now in its place

 A public holiday is declared on "Mahoram (Ashura) 30th August, 2021/4, Shravan, 18, Friday".

 On Thursday 18/09/2071, the work of all government offices and banks will continue as usual.

 These orders will also apply to the employees of state government owned boards / corporations as well as panchayat offices.

 By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name.

Teachers Eligibility Test is one of the essential qualifications for a person to be eligible for appointment as a teacher in schools. The Guidelines dated 11th February 2011 of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) laid down that TET would be conducted by the State Governments and the validity of the TET Certificate was 7 years from the date of passing TET.

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