Vitamin And Its Function help full for health info in Gujarati read.

Vitamin And Its Function help full for health info in Gujarati read.

Vitamin A: This is usually necessary for the body to grow and be nourished. The eyes also get coolness like this and are found in milk, ghee, butter, carrots, tomatoes, etc.HELTH TIPS

This vitamin is very essential for the eye. This is most needed by children and pregnant women. If not enough vitamin A is available, newborns can also die. Vitamin A deficiency is usually found in various eye diseases. In addition, lung and respiratory illness, sinuses, colds, fever, teeth and bones weaken, weight loss, constipation, TB, ascites and deafness. To avoid all these diseases, you should take a vitamin A diet. Such as spinach, cauliflower, radish leaves, papaya, tomatoes, carrots, mango, groundnut, milk, butter, ghee, bananas and lemon can be taken.

Vitamin A is essential for normal vision. It stimulates the growth of the body and protects the baby against infection. Anorexia is one of the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A is beneficial for your bones. Avoid consuming foods like citrus and getting vitamin A. In addition, eat whatever you eat. Avoid overeating.

Vitamin use may prove to help prevent pancreas cancer. Study findings can be a useful step towards preventing disease. Hemant Kochhar, an Indian-origin physician at the Bertsong Cancer Intersuit, headed by this research group, has issued following important data studies. Most people do not survive for long after a pancreas has been found with cancer. The person suffering from cancer of the pancreas gets more difficult because of the panic after he gets information about his disease. The sacchers found that increasing the levels of vitamin A in cells adjacent to the cells involved in the disease could prevent the spread of cancer. The cells affected by this disease can be tried to prevent the disease from spreading to other cells. Britain's well-known newspaper The Daily Express quoted Cochran as saying that information about different swims for the treatment of the illness can be found through these racers. The medical coach says that this is based on one of the calculations proposed by Richards-3. Vitamin A is found in carrots and other carbohydrates. Vitamin A deficiency is most commonly seen in patients with cancer of the pancreas. The spread of the disease can be prevented by increasing vitamin A. The results of this research may prove useful for further abstinence. The research process under the leadership of Kochhar is likely to continue in the coming days as well. Because pancreas cancer is considered dangerous.
Major signs and symptoms
The child complains of not being able to see in the dark or in the low light. This symptom is known among people as blindness.

Vitamin And Its Function help full for health info in Gujarati read.
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Vitamin And Its Function help full for health info in Gujarati read.
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