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Vahali Dikri Yojna form and Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat

Vahali Dikri Yojna form and Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat

              A young lady tyke among initial two offspring of family will get advantage of this plan. Recipient young lady tyke on her entrance to first standard in school will get Rs. 4,000, in ninth standard she will get Rs. 6,000 and when she finishes 18-year age she will get Rs. 1 lakh,' Nitin Patel said.
He said the plan will improve sex proportion, it will empower young lady tyke training and benefit a major sum for advanced education and

Vahali Dikri Yojna form and Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat

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The plan as per Patel will be profited to families with upto Rs. 2 lakh salary for each year.
The State government has made allotment of Rs. 133 crore for this plan in money related year 2019-20 spending plan. 

Vahali Dikri Yojna form and Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat

With an end goal to expand the birth pace of young ladies and to battle female feticide, the Gujarat government has propelled 'Vali Dairy Scheme' in the spending limit. Under the plan, when the young lady crosses the age of 18, the Finance Minister, Nitin Patel, reported in the Assembly that the administration will give him Rs one lakh.
Young ladies' training is as of now free in the state. I am reporting the usage of the Whale Child Scheme to reinforce the financial, economic wellbeing of young ladies, to lessen the dropout rate in training and to avert tyke marriage. The Deputy Chief Minister said that in this plan, the advantages of this plan will be accessible to the young ladies of the initial two offspring of the family. At the season of confirmation in the primary evaluation of the young lady Rs.4000, another Rs.6000 at the season of ninth standard and when she crosses the age of 18, she will be given Rupees one lakh. Finding a lot of cash for the advanced education and wedding service of the young lady kid. The advantage of this plan will be accessible to the family with yearly salary of Rs 2 lakh. An arrangement of Rs.133 crore has been made for this. 

On the previously mentioned arrangement, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the legislature is counseling with budgetary foundations like Banks and LIC on this plan. The administration will give high financing costs. The enthusiasm of the plan will run. 

Vhali Dikri Yojna Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat
25 lakh ladies will get Rs.700 crore! 

                 Presently 1.5 lakh Sakhi Mandals are dynamic in Gujarat. In which 20 million sisters are appended. These Sakhi Mandals have so far gotten Rs 1,900 crore bank credit. In which five to eight percent intrigue endowment and other money related help are being given by the administration. In the spending limit, new 70,000 Sakhi Mandals will be worked in three years. The spending limit for making independent work openings has been made by giving credits of up to Rs. 700 crores to 25 lakh sisters.

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Vahali Dikri Yojna form and Full Detail Budget 2019-20 gujarat

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