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Primary Teacher Vadh ghat camp babat

Primary Teacher Vadh ghat camp babat

Primary Teacher Vadh ghat camp babat 

Returning to the above topic, the transfer rules of Assistant/Professional Teacher have been promulgated by the reference resolution of the Education Department. As per the order of this office dated 22/08/2023 of this office dated 31/07/2023 approved in this year according to the change of Deputy Head/Primary Teacher during the period mentioned below. It is said to organize a camp. 2. The transfer camp will have to study the resolution referred to and take action as per the applicable provisions.

Keeping in view the provisions of Chapter-H of the referred resolution of the Education Department, the Primary Teacher/ Teaching Assistant performing additional duties than the sanctioned institution for the current year as on 31/07/2023 shall be ordered to increase the Primary Teacher/ Teaching Assistant in the transfer camp.

Dated:- 31/07/2023 details of the teachers in the district in which there is an excess of teachers in the district as per the sanctioned authority as per the sanctioned authority and the details of the teachers in the prescribed format and referred after the completion of the increase camp procedure Chapter:- H As per the provision made in (19) as per Annexure-4 the details of department/ subject wise vacancies have to be sent to this office by 17/09/2023.

Further, the teachers in your district/town who have been ordered to be transferred in district online internal transfer/district transfer but in case the transferred teacher has not been exempted as per the provision made in Chapter-F of the referred resolution-1, indicate the space blank and where the order is made. But the teacher is not present. Name of any post in any district in which the post has been ordered to remain vacant by an interim order and pending final judgment of the case. Name as per the order of the High Court. Action has to be taken. So that the question of contempt of the High Court does not arise.

As per the order of Director above note

Conduct of educational survey in class 1 to 4

Conduct of educational survey in class 1 to 4

Gujarat Primary school conduct of educational survey in class 1 to 4

Subject: To watch the live telecast of the third anniversary program of National Education Policy-2020 Reverting to the above subject, the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India has announced that “National Education


3rd Anniversary of Policy-2020" will be telecast live from New Delhi from 29/07/2023 to 30/07/2023. Commencement Date: 29/07/2023, Saturday at 10:00 AM To be done by the Hon'ble Prime Minister.

Dated: 29/07/2023, Saturday at 10:00 AM by Hon'ble Prime Minister


યુ ટયુબ પર કાર્યક્રમ લાઇવ જોવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

The program to be conducted in all the schools of your district students, teachers and

Ensure that parents/community members watch the live broadcast. Date: 29/07/2023, Saturday morning at 10:00 AM Please give necessary instructions from your level to keep all the schools of your district functioning to watch the live telecast of this program.

Link to watch live broadcast of the program: All information about the program has to be maintained at the district level.

Subject:- Regarding the conduct of educational survey in class 1 to 4

Reference:- 1. GCERT, Gandhinagar Single File 12/2022 dt. 11/05/2022

With respect to the permission received from the Minister of Education

2. As per approval received on Branch Note dated 06/07/2023


             According to the above subject and context, to state that under the National Education Policy 2020, Apun Bharat Abhiyan is implemented by the Government of India for the development of basic literacy and numeracy skills, under which basic reading and writing among children during three years of pre-primary and three years of class 1 to 3. -Various programs are conducted to develop numeracy skills. Sadar Mission has been launched nationwide on 5th July, 2021. This campaign will be implemented till the year 2026-27 as per NEP-2020.

        This mission is regularly monitored by the Government of India. Last year the baseline educational assessment was conducted in our state. If this type of assessment is done this year, teachers and students will be aware about it and necessary remedial work can be done. Therefore, such an educational survey will be conducted this year as well.

            In this regard, in the year 2023-24 students of class 1 to 4 in the mastery India guidelines contained in the developmental goal- 1- EC- Child becomes an effective communicator (Language) and developmental goal- 3-- Children learn by themselves and connect with their immediate environment' (Mathematics). Educational status has to be done to assess achievement. For which the following things have to be considered.

                The survey is to be conducted in July, year 2023-24, covering all eight mediums of the state (Gujarati, English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi and Tamil, Telugu and Oriya) and To be conducted in all types of (government, aided and self-supporting) schools. * Sadar survey has to be conducted in class 1 to 4. The assessment tool prepared by GCERT, Gandhinagar will have to be used for the children entering class 1 taking into account the learning outcomes of Balwatika, learning outcomes of class 1 in class 2, learning outcomes of class 2 in class 3 and learning outcomes of class 3 in class 4.

Important Link :-

યુ ટયુબ પર કાર્યક્રમ લાઇવ જોવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

             All the students of class 1 to 4 are to be surveyed, the data entry of the information obtained under the assessment will have to be done through the application prepared by the 'Vidya Review Centre', which will be notified by the 'Vidya Review Centre'. • Apparatus prepared by GCERT, Gandhinagar by all Diets of the State District Education Officer District Primary of their District Soft copy- available in email to schools through Education Officer/Administrator Will have to be done. * Diet Lecturer in his Liaison Taluk. 12-13 July, 2022 Taluka level BRCCO, as well as CRCCO have to be informed about this baseline survey and its process.

• Dt. 14th July, 2023 in soft copy from district level to device school make available.

• The subject teacher of a class with 5 children completed the survey in one day and Another It data-entry has to be done on the day.

 • A subject teacher of a class with 10 children completed the survey in two Days Its data entry has to be done on the day.

* The subject teacher of a class having 15 children completed this survey in three days IVI ts data-entry has to be done on the day.

Online Attendance District Primary Education Officer All

Online Attendance District Primary Education Officer All

Online Attendance District Primary Education Officer All

 *Governors All*

 *All Districts*

                 Daily report of attendance of students and teachers has been sent today which shows the *district wise information of student-teacher attendance and mid-day meal attendance of schools*.  Along with this, *list of non-attendance schools* is also included to send show cause notices from your district level* to all the schools* and from your level to *Taluka-Cluster-School level* and intensive monitoring by your *Monitoring Staff* to ensure regular attendance.  Please do.  Based on this report, monitoring is also done from *Vidya Review Centre*.

SMART Attendance:

Tele-conference regarding the formation of kindergartens in schools

Tele-conference regarding the formation of kindergartens in schools

 Subject: Tele-conference regarding the formation of kindergartens in schools. Reference: According to the approval received from Hon'ble Secretary on the branch note dated 16/6/2023, Mr.

                    Respectfully, in accordance with the above subject and reference, a resolution (Resolution No. Jashabh/1222/10/No, dated 12/10/2022) has been made by the Education Department for the formation of Kindergartens in state schools. A teleconference has been organized to guide the details related to the concept of kindergarten, academic activities to be done in kindergarten, co-curricular activities, evaluation etc. included in the resolution.

             On 22/6/23 Thursday from 11:00 to 12:00 Vande will be held on Gujarat Channel No 5 through Baiseg. District Officers, Diet Principals, Lecturers, Education Officers, B.A.C., C.R.C., Headmasters, Teachers are requested to inform the concerned from your level regarding attendance.

Important link

જ્ઞાન સાધના શિષ્યવૃત્તિ પરીક્ષા પરિણામ જુઓ અહીં


ટોપ 10 વિદ્યાર્થી નામ યાદી જ્ઞાન સાધના પરિણામ નોટિફિકેશન જુઓ અહીં

                      Education Department, State of Gujarat has studied continuously from class 1 to 8 in government or aided primary schools and completed class 8 and the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (RTE Act, 2009) and children formed under it Under the Right to Compulsory Education Rules, 2012, under the provision of free education to the children of 6 to 14 years of age from weaker sections and underprivileged groups in independent schools to the extent of 25% of the class size, who have completed their studies in independent schools in class-I and completed their studies consecutively up to class-8. Students whose income at the time of the Gyan Sadhana Scholarship Examination of the student's parents is below the income limit prescribed for admission under Section 12(1)(c) of the RTE Act, 2009, among the students who are meritorious students who are admitted to secondary schools in Class-9 and who have received education up to Class-I For that, the Chief Minister Shri Gyan Sadhana Merit Scholarship Scheme has been implemented to select such brilliant students of Gujarat state and give them scholarships for studying in self-supporting/granted/government schools of their choice from class 9 to 12. In this scheme, every year 25,000 bright students will be selected on the basis of merit in this examination and they will be given scholarship for their studies from class 9 to 1.

                   Under this scheme, the Chief Minister Gyan Sadhana Merit Scholarship Examination was organized by the State Examination Board, Gandhinagar on 11/06/2023. There was a huge response from the state for this exam. A total of 2,02,853 students gave this exam. The result of this exam is declared today on 23/06/2013.

- Chief Minister Gyan Sadhana Merit Scholarship Exam Total Number of Students

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test - 2024

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test - 2024

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test - 2024

Selection Test for admission to Class-VI in JNVS for the academic session

2024-25 will be held in two phases as given below:

a. On Saturday, the 04th November, 2023 at 11.30 A.M. in the States of Jammu and Kashmir (except Jammu-l, Jammu-ll, Samba & Udhampur), Meghalaya, Mizoram Nagaland, Sikkim, and in the Districts of Dibang Valley and Tawang of Arunachal Pradesh, in the Districts of Chamba, Kinnaur. Mand Kullu, Lahaul & Spiti and Shimla of Himachal Pradesh, in the 4/29 Darjeeling of West Bengal, and Leh & Kargil districts of UT Ladakh.

b. On Saturday, 20th January, 2024 at 11.30 A.M. in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh (except Dibang Valley & Tawang Districts). Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh (except Chamba, Kinnaur, Mandi, Sirmour, Kullu, Lahaul & Spiti and Shimla Districts), Jammu & Kashmir (only for Jammu-l. Jammu-ll, Samba & Udhampur) Jharkhand, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tripura, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & West Bengal (except Darjeeling). Union Territories of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadar & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Delhi, Lakshadweep and Puducherry.

The last date to submit online application is 10th August 2023.

Procedure to register online for JNV Selection Test 2024

→ The process for submission of application for JNV Selection Test has been simplified through online process. Registration can be done free of cost through the admission portal of NVS linked through

→ Candidates & parents have to go through the notification cum prospectus and ensure the fulfillment of eligibility criteria.

→ The following documents in soft form (JPG format of size between 10 to 100 kb) may be kept ready for registration:

નવોદય પરીક્ષા પરિણામ જુઓ અહીં 

Navoday exam result click here

જવાહર નવોદય પરીક્ષા નોટિફિકેશન 2023-24 ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીં 

Navoday exam all details Notification download click here 

નવોદય પરીક્ષા ફોર્મ ભરવા માટેની લિંક અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

Apply form link click here 

website link 

Certificate verified by the Head Master mentioning the details of candidate in the prescribed format


Signature of parent • Signature of candidate

Aadhaar details/ Residence certificate issued by competent Government Authority.

→ Basic details of candidate like State, District, Block, Aadhaar number, etc. are to be filled in the application portal.

→ The eligible candidates have to fill up the online form and upload the verified certificate with the photograph along with signatures of both candidate and his/her parent. The verification of the information provided by the parent in the certificate will be done by the Head Master of the School where the candidate is studying in class V. The certificate should be uploaded in jpg format of the size between 10-100 kb only.

• In case of candidates from NIOS, candidates should obtain 'B' certificate and he/she should be a bonafide resident of the same district where he/she is seeking admission. Online platform is in open source and free of cost.

Application may be submitted from any source like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet etc.

→ In all JNVs, a help desk will be available to assist the candidates/parents to upload application free of cost. Parents may also approach the help desk in JNV along with candidate and required documents such as verified certificate with photograph along with signature of both candidate and his/her parent and a mobile phone with valid active mobile number for receiving the OTP, registration number and password through SMS for registration process.

Issue of Admit Cards

નવોદય પરીક્ષા ધોરણ 6 પરિણામ જુઓ અહીં 


The admit cards will be made available as per date decided by NVS in due course which will be displayed on application portal. The admit cards shall be downloaded free of cost by the candidates/parents before the conduct of JNVST.

2.3 Result of the Selection Test

The result of JNV Selection Test 2024 is expected to be announced by March/April, 2024. Candidates can get the result from the application portal. The result will also be displayed in the offices of the concerned:

1. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

ii.District Education Officer District Magistrate

iv. Deputy Commissioner, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti of the Region.

v. The website of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti The Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya concerned, will also inform the provisionally selected candidates through SMS on the registered mobile number followed by a speed post.

NVS will release only two wait lists against vacancies which may arise due to unwillingness and non-submission of basic essential certificates by the provisionally selected candidates. The entire admission process for the session 2024-25 will be closed latest by 31 December, 2024.


3.1) Provisional selection in the test will not vest any right on the candidate to secure admission into the JNV. At the time of seeking actual admission, each provisionally selected candidate will have to produce all relevant original certificates, as prescribed by the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. Until admission, the selection is provisional only. Candidates are advised to apply for TC from parent school, only after the verification of documents and confirmation of admission by the respective JNV.

3.2) In case of any dispute, the decision of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti shall be final and binding on the candidates and no correspondence to this effect shall be entertained.

3.3) There is no provision for re-evaluation of the answer scripts or re-totaling of marks, since the result is processed through computer and sufficient care is taken to ensure accuracy through various checks while processing the result.

3.4) It may also be noted by the candidates and their parents that under the scheme of NVS, students of a JNV located in Hindi speaking State may have to be migrated to another JNV in Non-Hindi Speaking State and vice- versa for one academic year when the students are promoted to Class IX. In case of refusal by the students/ parents selected for migration, continuation of such students in JNV will not be allowed.

3.5) The candidates and their parents may note that the children provisionally selected on the basis of the Test will be admitted, only in the JNV located in the district from where they are residing and studying in class V and appearing for the JNVST. Under no circumstances, the provisionally selected candidate will be given admission to any other JNV. No request for shifting of students on account of medium of instruction in the JNV concerned, shifting of parents to other districts / States etc. will be entertained. All provisionally selected candidates must submit the residence proof of the district where he/she has studied class V and


The online application form for admission to Class VI in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

is self-explanatory. However, following guidelines may be specifically kept in view by the students and their parents.

1. Only bonafide resident candidates of the district where the JNV is located are permitted to appear for JNVST in the District where he/she is studying in class V.

Residence certificate of the parent of the same District as notified by

1. Government of India where the candidate has studied class V and appeared for JNVST is to be submitted by the provisionally selected candidate at the time of document verification. Please read the Prospectus carefully. Fill the complete information after ensuring

2. That the candidate fulfills all the prescribed requirements such as date of birth within specified range (01.05.2012 to 31.07.2014), schooling in classes III, IV & V in recognized institution(s). (Govt. / Govt. Aided / Recognized / NIOS etc.).

3. Carefully fill the certificate to be uploaded along with the application form with regard to category ie. General. SC. ST. OBC & Divyang, Boy/Girl and Rural/Urban. If it is found at the time of admission that a candidate has opted a category to which he/she does not actually belong. his/her selection will be cancelled. The signature & seal of Head Master is mandatory on the certificate to be uploaded in the registration portal.

4.  Mention the date of birth in figures as well as in words. Write correct Date of Birth as per birth certificate & school records. In case, if it is observed at a later stage that the Date of Birth of the candidate does not match with the school records & birth certificate, his/her candidature is liable to be rejected. NVS has the right to validate the information submitted using Aadhaar number from the Government portal. (b) Permanent identification marks which can be identified clearly shall be mentioned in the Application Form by the candidate.

5. Signature of both, the candidate and the parent/guardian should be uploaded while applying for the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test. 6. The last date to submit online application for test is 10th August, 2023.

CAUTION: Application form is liable for rejection, if columns are left blank or the entries are incomplete. Applicants should ensure that they fulfill all the prescribed requirements of education, age, categories (SC/ST/OBC/Divyang) and area (Urban/Rural) wherever applicable. If any information filled in the online application form is found to be false/ incorrect/mismatched on subsequent verification, even after the selection of the candidate, the admission is liable to be cancelled and the decision of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti will be final and binding. No correspondence shall be entertained in this regard. Such admissions, if any, obtained by any candidate on the basis of false certificate/declaration / information shall not only be cancelled but Samiti also reserves the right to recover the expenditure incurred on a student during his/her entire stay in a Vidyalaya.


A. Applicable for the all candidates who seek admission in JNV to prove the district of residence (except the candidate who studied in NIOS). Residence certificate of the parent of the same District as notified by Government of India where the candidate has studied class V and appeared for JNVST is to be submitted by the provisionally selected candidate at the time of document verification, if provisionally selected.

B. Applicable for the candidates who studied in NIOS (to prove the residence in the district and also to support the category of candidate i.e. rural/urban)

Residence certificate of the parent of the same District specifying the area of residence as rural or urban as notified by Government of India is to be submitted by the provisionally selected candidate at the time of document verification, it provisionally selected. The certificate is to be issued by competent authority of district administration.