Matter of giving application form for positive solution of outstanding questions of employees

Matter of giving application form for positive solution of outstanding questions of employees

Subject: - Matter of giving application form for positive solution of outstanding questions.

ધોરણ 3 થી  8 વાર્ષિક પરીક્ષા મોડલ પેપર 

1.શારીરિક શિક્ષણ 

2.સંગીત, કાર્યાનુભવ 

3. ચિત્રકામ 

તમામ links નીચે આપેલ છે.

On the above subject, I would like to express my gratitude that the Government of Gujarat is conducting a transparent administration for the welfare of the people of the state through various community oriented schemes so that the people of Chhewada get its benefits. Government Employees are the link to deliver all these schemes to the people of the state. Through these employees, the government is achieving 100% of its targets. Due to which Gujarat State has been leading in the country in many ways.

State Government Offices, Government Institutions-Schools Colleges, Non-Government Granted Institutions-Schools-Colleges, Municipalities, Institutions of Local Self Government, Officers / Employees are working day and night to keep Gujarat at the forefront.

It is a sad thing for Gujarat that these officers / employees who are carrying out all the work of the government have been struggling at the government level for a long time on various issues.

In spite of giving many oral as well as written representations / applications in different departments of the government and general administration department by different boards / corporations / unions of all employees of government offices / institutions-schools colleges / boards / corporations for resolving various costing issues of officers / employees. There is no recollection of proper consideration by the Government towards a positive solution.

Therefore, the meeting of "Gujarat State United Employees Front" made up of different Mandals / Mahamandals / Sanghs was held on Wednesday 4/5/207. In this meeting, by discussing for the solution of the following outstanding questions of the officers / employees, a positive solution is expected before you.

(1) Resumption of old pension scheme.

(2) Case name of fixed salary. Withdrawal from the Supreme Court Fixed Salary Practice / Contract Based Recruitment Origin Closing the effect.

(2) To give all the remaining allowances of the 7th Pay Commission immediately as per the recommendations of the Central Pay Commission accepted in principle by the Government of Gujarat.

(2) Considering consecutive jobs for all purposes from the date of original appointment. (2) To give higher salary to all employees in standard 10, 20 and 20 years.

This application form is given to Aap Sahebshree for allotting time for the meeting to be held by the Govt. In the 15th day for the discussion of the aforesaid major costly issues and to give the above benefits to the officers / employees of the government immediately by bringing a positive solution to these questions.