12 lessons for India from the current battles between Ukraine-Russia-USA- the West.

12 lessons for India from the current battles between Ukraine-Russia-USA-‘the West’:

1- There is no soft power without hard power. We need to continue to build our hard power.

2- Peace is not absence of conflict but good management of conflict.

3- In today’s world, nuclear deterrence works. We should thank Bhabha, Indira, Kalam, Vajpayee and everyone else involved in making India a nuclear weopons state.

4- Whether there is an international treaty or not, ‘friendships between countries’ will always come second to a nation’s own security / self-interest.

5- Self-sufficiency in arms manufacturing, as much as possible, is an absolute necessity.

6- Anything can be weaponised. From financial protocols like SWIFT to civilian airspace to social media based business to international sporting bodies. India should try to have atleast one globally powerful platform in all these areas. (Well, we already own global Cricket, so that’s a good start).

7- Private companies (like Google) will take political sides. Figure out how you can ring-fence against it. Support your domestic companies. For eg: Use Indian alternatives to Google / Amazon. Strengthen local so that they in-turn can go global.

8- Lectures on human rights, freedom of speech, etc are pure geopolitical tools. They mean nothing in reality and are a facade for the US to do whatever they want.

9- White racism still informs ‘global’ policy. Your geography and skin colour determine how much the world will support you. Don’t get sucked into the DEI nonsense being peddled by the woke brigade.

10- Build strong narrative influence globally. Indian businessmen should buy into newspapers, TV channels & social media platforms at a global level or start our own to operate globally. (well done to Zee for building WION).

11- Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin & South America are uninvolved in the war. Yet the ‘global’ media narrative screams “World War”. The global media rhetoric is “It could happen to you too”. The funny bit is that nobody said this same thing when the US invaded Iraq. Remember this.

12- There is nothing called a global rules-based-order when international rules can always be re-written / ignored based on who is breaking them.

Finally, strengthening Atmanirbhar Bharat is an absolute necessity now.

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12 lessons for India from the current battles between Ukraine-Russia-USA- the West.
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