Panchayat Service Selection Board announces notification for recruitment of 3437 posts of Talati cum mantri 2022

Panchayat Service Selection Board announces notification for recruitment of 3437 posts of Talati  cum mantri 2022

 * Forms can be filled from 28-01-2022*

Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board


Block Nar 5th Floor, Karmayogi Bhavan, Sector-10 / A, Gandhinagar Advertisement No-10 / 2021-3 Detailed instructions regarding Gram Panchayat Secretary (Talati cum Minister) Class-3

(Website address: and

તલાટીકમ  મંત્રી પરીક્ષા   ઓનલાઈન  ફોર્મ  ભરો  અહીં  ક્લિક  કરો. 

13. How to apply and pay the application fee: 16.1 The application will be accepted online by the board in respect of this advertisement. Candidate will be able to fill up the application form at during the period specified in para-1 of the advertisement.

Important link

(1) First go to Then by clicking "View All" in "Current Artlvertisement" and selecting "GUJARAT PANCHAYAT SERVICE SELECTION BOARD | GPSSB) in" Select Advertisement by Department ".

(2) Clicking on "Advertisement No. 10202122" of "Gram Panchayat Secretary (Talati cum Mantri)" will show the option of "Apply" and "Detailai" on the screen. Clicking on "Detail" will see the detailed advertisement. Candidates are advised to download and "SAVE" this advertisement for future purposes.

(3) Now you can apply online by clicking on "Apply" in two ways (a) Apply With OTR - One Time Registratlon Enter your ONE TIME REGISTRATION NUMBER (OTR) and date of birth on Ojas Platform and Apply with orn to register (OTR). The details given at the time will be found in the application form which details should be looked at carefully. So that you can fill up the application form quickly. After confirming the online application, the candidate's application will be accepted online.

(B) Online application can be done by skipping and filling all the details.

To apply in this way, the candidate has to fill in his name, date of birth etc. and personal details. And all the required details like Communication Details, others Details, Lan gauge details, education details etc. should be filled in the application form.

Candidate will then have to upload his / her photograph and signature. A copy of the photo that has been uploaded should be affixed in the attendance sheet in the written examination and the same photo should be submitted at each subsequent stage when the Board Appointing Authority requests. Therefore, keep four to five copies of the photograph uploaded in the online application form. If different photographs are presented at different stages, the candidate's allotment appointments may be hampered due to non-establishment of candidate's identity which will be the responsibility of the candidate himself.

(4) After reading the guarantee "Declaration" given in the form, if the conditions are valid, click on Yes and then save the application. After SAVE the application, the "Application Number" of the candidate will be generated. Which the candidate has to save.

Important link

(5) Now click on “Confirm Application” at the top of the page and click on “Application number” da “Birth Date” type sal 4E OK 42 buttons (1) ok (2) show application preview and (3) confirm application u Click on Reau show application preview to see your application. If the application seems to be modified, edit it. Any correction can be made before confirmation. Click on confirm application only after full verification if there is no need to modify the application. "Confirm" the online application and the candidate's application will be accepted online.

(6) Once the online application is confirmed, no change can be made by the candidate or the board. Certificates corresponding to the details given in the application should be submitted by the candidate when requested by the board. Therefore, the candidate should first, on the basis of the original credentials he has, carefully check his name, spouse's name, surname, date of birth, educational qualification, caste (category), gender (male / female), ex-serviceman, sports, type of physical disability, widow etc. The corresponding details including spelling of last name will have to be shown in the online application. Verification by the Board If any discrepancies are found in the details given in the online application form and in the certificates submitted to the Board by the candidate, then the candidature of the candidates with such defective applications will be canceled by the Board at that stage. If the defective application entitlement is canceled due to incorrect or incomplete details, it will not be the responsibility of the congregation. These candidates are advised to take special care to show their credentials and corresponding details while applying online. In this regard, the proposal to amend the details given in the online application will not be accepted.

(7) A "confirmation number" confirming the application will be generated. Which will be required for all subsequent proceedings, to be saved by the candidate. Except confirmation number

1. Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board, Gandhinagar (hereinafter referred to as "Mandal") invites online application forms for selection of candidates for the vacant post of Gram Panchayat Secretary (Talati cum Mantri) (Class-II) of Panchayat Seva by direct recruitment. For this, the candidate has to go to the Government's website on 28-01-2022 (12-00 noon) during 15-02-2022 (time till 2-4 hours at night). Candidates of General Category (General Category) have to apply online. Examination Fee Rs.100 / - + Service Charge. The last date for paying the examination fee face to face with the currency in the office will be 15-02-2022. But for that it is necessary to delete the print of the post office currency by 15-02-2022) Further details for paying the examination fee are given in paragraph-18 Candidate has to scan the latest Photograph (15 kb) and Signature (15 Kb) in jpg format and keep it ready in the computer. , Which will have to be uploaded in the online application. The applicant will have to keep all the educational, age and caste as well as other qualification certificates as mentioned in the online application and after informing the candidates about this, they will have to submit it in person for verification, which everyone should take note of.

11 Detailed instructions for applying are given in the following paragraphs in this advertisement. The candidate must read the entire advertisement carefully before applying online along with the instructions.

1.2 Candidates are not required to attach (upload) any certificates while applying online. However, when applying online, the applicant has to fill in all the details in the online application as per the details in the certificates. Hence all his certificates like, educational qualification, age, school leaving certificate. Certificates of race, physical disability (if disabled), ex-serviceman (if applicable), recognized sports (if applicable), widow (if any) as well as other certificates of qualification are included in the online application. Details remain to be filled, otherwise by the Board Appointing Authority

If the details in the application are found to be incorrect or inconsistent at the time of verification of certificates, then the application of the candidate and the candidature / selection / appointment will be canceled. Without any verification of the details filled online in the application form, the Board will allow the candidates to enter the competitive examination by making provisional admission for the prescribed competitive written examination for this post. ,


Written Competitive Examination Method and Selection Process There will be a written competitive examination of Optical Marks Reading OMR) system with objective questions as shown in the next paragraph in this advertisement. The written competitive examination of the system will be organized by the board and the examination program will be published separately. For this, the candidates are advised to keep an eye on the website of Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board

1.2 All the instructions regarding written competitive examination as well as subsequent instructions are sent to the registered mobile number of the candidate by SMS. Will be given from. Therefore, the relevant column candidate must indicate the mobile number in the application form. And until the entire recruitment process is complete, maintaining a mobile number is inevitable. If the candidate is not notified via SMS due to change or closure of mobile number or any other reason, it will be the responsibility of the candidate, and in such case the candidate will be deemed not to want to be appointed himself.


Following the competitive examination, the provisional result will be processed by the board according to which the candidates who will be included in the provisional merit list will be given certificate verification instructions and other instructions on their emails. Is.


Out of the total vacancies in this cadre

50 posts will be reserved for soldiers. Related Category (GENERAL.EWS,

Letter No. of Panchayat Department: - Mum 19081/3 dated 9/12/2071 and Letter No. Makkam / 13071/2 / B dated 08-01-207, out of 3 posts to be filled, a total of 21 posts are reserved for physically challenged (disabled) candidates. . Which will be offset against the respective category (GENERAL, EWS, SC, ST, SEBC). Letter No. of Panchayat Department: - Makam / 13091/2 / B dated 3/12/2071 and letter No.:

SC, ST, SEBC) will be compensated against, Panchayat Department letter no. The following are: Reserved seats for general class women

- 212 - 10

Reserved seats for economically weaker class (EWS) women

Social and Educational Backward Classes (SEBC) reserved seats for women - 201 reserved seats for SC (SC) category women reserved seats for Scheduled Caste (ST) category women

Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes and Economically

Reserved seats for weaker class candidates are only of the original Gujarat in that reserved category

Reserved for candidates only.


3. For women candidates

3.1 The provision of reservation for women candidates will be applicable as per the provision of resolution no. Except for the reserved seats for women candidates, the remaining seats are not to be considered as reserved for male candidates only. Male as well as female candidates can apply under this advertisement.


Women's reserved seats when preparing final selection list for related category

If a qualified female candidate is not available for the post then the category (GENERALEWS,


SC, ST, SEBC) will be filled by the male candidate. Eligible candidates will be selected for the women reserved seats considering the working procedure for women reserved seats as decided by the General Administration Department dated 6-6-2050, Resolution No. CRR / 102/214.

For 4 widowed candidates

If a woman candidate is a widow herself, she has to click on the relevant column in the online application form. As well as the details of the certificates have to be shown in the online application. If the widowed candidate is remarried, he should provide accurate information against that column in the application form, if the widowed candidate is not remarried and wants to avail benefits as a widow candidate, then Must be presented. If the candidate does not submit this certificate affidavit then the benefit accrued as a widow candidate will not be given. Of course, other qualifications will be considered by the board.


Widow candidates will be given additional marks of 5% of the total marks obtained by them in the competitive examination as per the existing provision of the Government, subject to certificate verification.

. Gujarat Panchayat Service (Reservation of Vacancies for S-Servicemen) Rules 12 for Ex-Servicemen Candidates


Eligible ex-servicemen candidates will be selected keeping in view the provisions. Candidate himself should be a Veteran Soldier, Veteran Candidate Candidates should give details of the period of service as Veteran in the application form and appendix. Candidate must submit a certificate signed by an authorized officer in the prescribed form showing the duration of employment of the candidate in the Armed Forces as requested by the Board. In case of failure to submit, the candidate's claim for employment as a Veteran Soldier will not be considered, and if the selection has been made on merit for the Veteran, the appointment will be revoked.

Candidates selected in the Ex-Servicemen category will be compensated against their respective category GENERALEWS, SC, ST, SEBC). The ex-soldier will be eligible for the reserved space


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Panchayat Service Selection Board announces notification for recruitment of 3437 posts of Talati cum mantri 2022
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