Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Panchayat Service Staff Nurse (Class-II) cadre


Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Panchayat Service Staff Nurse (Class-II) cadre


* -Advertisement No .: 8 / 2021-3 Detailed Instructions on Staff Nurse ”

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Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Panchayat Service Staff Nurse (Class-II) cadre

1. Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board, Gandhinagar (hereinafter referred to as "Mandal") invites online application forms for selection of candidates for the most vacant posts of Panchayat Service Staff Nurse (Class-II) cadre. Online application should be made on the website: // between 11-1-208 (12-00 noon) to 5-1-208 (time up to 4-5 hours at night). General Category General Category Candidates will have to pay the examination fee of Rs.100 / - - service charge through SBI E Pay. The last date for this will be 5-1-207. (But for that it is necessary to delete the print of post office currency by 5-1-203.) Further details for paying the examination fee are given in paragraph-12 which must be read The candidate has to prepare the latest Photograph (15 kb) and Signature (15 kb) in Jpg format in the computer in such a way that it does not exceed the size, which has to be uploaded in the online application. The applicant will have to keep all the educational, age and caste as well as other qualification certificates as mentioned in the online application and after informing the candidates about this, they will have to submit it in person for verification, which everyone should take accurate note of.

Detailed instructions for applying are outlined in the following paragraphs in this advertisement. The candidate is required to read the entire advertisement carefully before applying online along with the instructions.

While applying online, the candidate does not have to attach (upload) any certificates, but when applying online, the applicant has to fill in all the details in the online application as per the details in the certificates. Based on such certificates in the online application along with the original certificates of physical disability (disability (if any), ex-serviceman (if applicable), recognized sports (if applicable), widow (if any) and other qualifications. Details have to be filled, otherwise if the details in the application are found to be incorrect or inconsistent at the time of verification of certificates by the Board Appointing Authority then the candidate's application and candidature selection / appointment will be canceled. Provide competitive examination by making provisional admission for the examination

Will be given in the Provisional Merit List after the provisional result is declared after the examination

Certificates of the candidates included will be subject to verification. Written Competitive Examination Method and Selection Process This competition will be a written competitive examination of Optical Marks Reading (OMR) system with objective questions as shown in the next paragraph. OMR with these objective questions. The written competitive examination of the system will be organized by the board. The examination program will be published separately. For this, the candidates are advised to keep an eye on the website of Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board.

All the instructions regarding written competitive examination as well as subsequent instructions can be sent by SMS to the registered mobile number of the candidate. Will be given from. Therefore, it is imperative that the candidate must indicate the mobile number in the relevant column in the application form and retain the mobile number till the entire recruitment process is completed. If the candidate is not notified via SMS due to change or closure of mobile number or any other reason, it will be the responsibility of the candidate, and in such case the candidate will be deemed not to want to be appointed himself.

Following the competitive examination, the Provisional Result will be administered by the Board according to which the candidates who will be included in the Provisional Merit List will be given certificate verification instructions and other instructions on their emails. Is,Details of places to be filled

2.1 As per the private letter number of Panchayat Department: - Makam / 13021/2 / B dated 7-12-2021 as well as as per the private letter No. of Panchayat Department: Makam / 13071/3 / B dated 08-01-207 Advertisement No: 2021 The vacancies to be filled in the staff nurse cadre are as under: 

 The number of spaces indicated in the advertisement is likely to fluctuate. Number of District Panchayat Wise and All Categorywise (including Disability Categorywise and Ex-Serviceman) Vacancies

Details will be released later. As per private letter no.

4.2 Private letter number of Panchayat Department: As clarified from Makma 13071/2 dated 07-01-203, out of the above 15 posts to be filled, a total of 18 posts are reserved for physically handicapped (disabled) candidates, who are concerned (GENERAL EWS, SC, ST, SEBC) against the category

Will be offset.

As per private letter no.

Out of the total vacancies in this cadre, 08 vacancies should be reserved for ex-servicemen as clarified from the private letter no. Which will be offset against the respective category (GENERAL, EWS, SC, ST, SEBC).

As per private letter no.

Private letter number of Panchayat Department: Makam / 13031 / 5kh dated 09-01-203 As clarified, out of 18 posts reserved for women are as under:

Reserves reserved for ordinary class women

Reserved seats for economically weaker class (EWS) women

Social and Educational Backward Classes (SEBC) reserved seats for women - 11 reserved seats for Scheduled Caste (SC) category women

Reserved seats for women belonging to Scheduled Caste (ST) category Reserved seats for candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Caste, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Classes are reserved only for those candidates of that reserved category of native Gujarat.

3. For women candidates

3.9 As per the provision of General Administration Department Resolution No. 11-11-2017: CRR / 102/313 / G-2 (Part-I), the remaining seats except for reserved seats for women candidates are not to be considered as reserved only for male candidates. The selection of male as well as female candidates for these posts can be considered on the basis of merit determined for the male. Under this advertisement male as well as female candidates can apply,

2.2 Reserved seats for women while preparing final selection list for the respective category

If a qualified female candidate is not available for the post, the category related to that place (GENERAL,EWS, SC, ST, SEBC) will be filled by the male candidate.

3.3 Resolution No. of General Administration Department dated 6-9-2030: - CRR / 102/512 / G-2 Mr. Nakki will be selected on the basis of working procedure for women reserved posts.

For widowed candidates:

3.1 If any woman candidate is a widow herself, click on the relevant column in the online application form

Will have to do. As well as the details of the certificates have to be shown in the online application. If the widowed candidate is remarried, he should provide accurate information against the column in the application form. Will have to. If the candidate does not submit this certificate affidavit then the benefit accrued as a widow candidate will not be given. Of course, other qualifications will be considered by the board

Widow candidates obtained in the competitive examination as per the existing provision of the Governmenti Five percent of the total marks will be added as additional marks, subject to certificate verificationi Wll be.

 For Ex-Servicemen Candidates:

Eligible ex-serviceman candidates will be selected keeping in view the provisions of Gujarat Panchayat Service (Reservation of Vacancies for Ex-Servicemen) Rules 12. Candidate should be a veteran himself. Ex-servicemen candidates will have to give details of the period of service as ex-servicemen in the application form and appendix. The ex-serviceman candidate will have to submit a certificate in the prescribed format, signed by an authorized officer, showing the duration of employment of the candidate in the Armed Forces before the Board. 


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