Learn All the Details about your body


Learn All the Details about your body

What happens to the body in 1 minute?
In everyday life we ​​think a minute is very normal, but everything that happens in our body in this one minute is wonderful and complex.

The heart beats 40 times a minute.
We breathe an average of 15 times.
We use about 5 to 6 liters (0.3 cubic feet) of air for breathing.

6 liters of blood circulates in the blood circulation area of ​​thousands of kilometers of our body.
120 million red blood cells are created every minute inside the body's bone marrow. And the same number of red blood cells are destroyed.
Our eyes blink 70 times.

And yes, the activity of digestion and the conversion of food into glucose is always ongoing.

Our bodies grow with age. It is natural to have a change in appearance, but it would be surprising to know that some internal organs are completely changed. As such, the gastric lines inside the abdomen change every three days. Our skin peels off every month, and new ones come along. Every ten years the skeleton of our body changes. However, the pacemaker cell that controls the heartbeat stays with us for the rest of our lives. Meaning it never changes.

Body temperature

Our normal body temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, neither higher nor lower. If the body temperature rises by four degrees, the person may feel dizzy and faint. And if the body temperature has risen seven degrees, death is certain. In the external environment, even if the temperature rises by 3 degrees or in cold weather the figure reaches minus, the body temperature will remain the same. Sweating occurs when there is more heat. Sweat absorbs heat, and it evaporates. This way protection against heat and temperature are maintained.

When it is very cold, the hairs stand on end and the body parts start moving and trembling. Which causes an attempt to generate heat, but the physical response to protect against the cold is not so effective. (So ​​we have to use jackets, shawls, blankets, heaters, etc.) When the body temperature drops, the blood circulation is affected and the blood vessels begin to constrict, so that the blood can circulate properly, but this condition is more frequent. Has the opposite effect. Hypothermia affects the killer cold, in which a person may initially lose consciousness, become unconscious and even die in a severe condition.

Heart function

From the time a baby is 9 weeks old in the mother's womb, the human heart begins to beat until the very last breath. The function of the heart in the body is to circulate blood. When the heart swells, blood enters it, and when it contracts, it carries blood to other parts of the body. Blood travels through the valve inside the heart. The opening and closing of which causes a ‘lub-dub’ sound. Which we call the heartbeat.

Learn All the Details about your body

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