Benefit of this relief package for crop damage to the affected villages declared by the concerned District Collector


Benefit of this relief package for crop damage to the affected villages declared by the concerned District Collector


 In view of the situation arising out of the heavy rains in the month of September in the year 2021-26 in the state, in the villages of Jamnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh, Porbandar etc.  It is thus decided to provide a relief package.

 (A) Standards of assistance and assistance payable:

 1. Benefit of this relief package for crop damage to the affected villages declared by the concerned District Collector.

 Only farmers will be eligible.  2. Account holder farmers of districts and villages included in the form whose crop loss is 3 and more will have to pay assistance of Rs. 15,000 / - per hectare up to a maximum of 3 hectare, out of which as per SDRF norms as non-irrigated crop from SDRF provision.  2,500 / - per hectare in the limit of maximum two hectares will have to be paid from the grant of SDRF as per resolution no.


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 Also the difference amount has to be paid from the state budget up to a maximum of Rs.500 / - per hectare, in which case even if the amount payable as per SDRF norms is less than Rs.2000 / - depending on the land holder, in that case at least Rs.  5000 / - will have to be paid.  The difference will have to be paid from the state budget.  E.g.  If the damaged area of ​​any account holder is 0.5 hectare then as per SDRF norms Rs.500 / - per hectare Rs.500 / - as per resolution no. Of revenue department  Receivable from the grant, but in such a case the account holder has to pay at least Rs.2000 / - and the difference amount is Rs.  1500 / - has to be paid from the state budget.

 (B) Beneficiary's eligibility and application for assistance

 1. In order to avail the benefit of this agricultural relief package, the farmers have to submit the specimen of the application form in the village sample no.  9-12, Aadhaar number, mobile number, bank account number, IFSC code and a copy of the bank passbook page showing the name, in case of joint account, signature of other account holders regarding the benefit to be given to only one of the joint account holders "No-objection consent letter" etc.  The application form in the prescribed form addressed to the Taluka Development Officer along with the instrumental details has to be applied online through VCE / VLE on Digital Gujarat Portal from October 2, 2021 to November 30, 2021.  Farmers will not have to pay anything to apply.

 2. The applicant must be an account holder as per Revenue Land records on the date of application.  In order to integrate the land records on the digital Gujarat portal, the details of the land records have to be provided by the revenue department to the NIC.  .  Assistance under this package per account under cultivation (per village sample no. 4 / a) as a beneficiary

 If more than one farmer is included in this account, only one of these farmers will get assistance and he will have to submit the consent form of other farmers of the account.  4. A one-time assistance is available even if the account holder farmer has more than one account under this package

 Will happen.  Forest rights letter 5 in the districts notified under the Forest Rights Act (FRA) under this package.

 Benefit will also be available to farmer account holders who have obtained (charter).

 6. Farmers cultivating in settlement villages in forest area will also be eligible for assistance.  For that, the certificate of the competent officer has to be taken.

 7 In case of death of the account holder, a genealogy has to be submitted by the heirs.  To receive assistance from one of the heirs of the firm, other heirs of the firm and other account holders of that account.

 The benefit of this relief package will not be available to government, co-operative or institutional landholders.

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 ખેડૂત સહાય તમામ માહિતી વાંચો અહીં

.  Under this package, assistance will be available only once per Aadhaar number.  If the Aadhaar number is not obtained, the assistance will be available if the required evidence is presented as per the provision prescribed in the Aadhaar Act.  10. Payment will have to be made through PFMS under this "Agricultural Relief Package" -Kharif 2021.

 (C) Method of application and implementation:

 1. Beneficiary farmer at village level at the e-gram center through relevant VLE / VCE with instrumental support evidence

 Must apply on digital portal.

 2. The primary VLE / VCE will be responsible for the correct data entry of the details as per the prescribed instrumental support evidence received from the farmer.  And all data entry has to be done only after proper verification.

 3. Then the concerned VLE / VCE has to take the print out of the application and get the signature of the beneficiary farmer at the prescribed place and also the concerned VLE / VCE has to sign.

 4. VE / VCE should send the application along with the prescribed supporting evidence to the concerned Gram Sevak on a daily basis.

 Will remain.  5. Application received from VLE / VCE should be duly verified by the concerned Gram Sevak and eligibility

 The application will be sent to the Taluka Development Officer on the Digital Gujarat Portal.

 6. The concerned Taluka Development Officer will verify the details of the beneficiary received from the Gram Sevak and send it online to the District Agriculture Officer.  7. All the applications have to be handled as records at the concerned taluka level.

 (D) The following arrangements will have to be implemented at the state and district level for payment through PFMS portal.

 (3.1) Procedure to be followed for head payments at district level

 1 District admin of the district will have to be created from the state admin account, the district agriculture officer will be the district admin.  District level data operators (makers) and approvers (checkers) will be appointed from the admin account of the district agriculture officer.  The district level data operator (maker) will be the District Agriculture Officer and the Approver (Rocker) will be the Accounting Officer, District Panchayat.

 2. Based on the details of the beneficiary received through the concerned Taluka Development Officer, District Agriculture Officer

 Digital Gujarat Portal will prepare the data file of the main beneficiary and the data of all the talukas

 Will push into the PFMS portal for file verification.  .  Of these, the data rejected by PFMS will be returned to VCE / VLE's Log In.  The data has to be uploaded by VCE / VLE on the revised digital Gujarat portal and the print / hard copy of the revised application has to be signed by the concerned applicant farmer and re-signed by VCE / VLE as per the amendment and re-submitted to the Gram Sevak.  Further action from all levels will then have to be repeated according to the same working method.


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 4. Based on the data verified on the PFMS portal of the above beneficiary, the District Agriculture Officer will prepare the taluka wise bill on the Digital Gujarat Portal and send it to the District Accounting Officer.  The District Accounting Officer will approve the bill of lading of the beneficiaries submitted for payment and make the payment to the beneficiary related to the online DBT method through PFMS with their digital signature.

 6. If the above method of online payment on PFMS portal fails twice after following the above procedure, the list of such beneficiaries should be sent to the District Accounting Officer for offline payment after getting the approval of the District Development Officer by the District Agriculture Officer.  The approved bill has to be paid by the District Accounting Officer first through RTGS / NEFT.  Then only in case if any of these bills cannot be paid to the beneficiary, the beneficiary will have to pay by A / c Pay check.


 After the completion of the entire payment process, the District Accounting Officer collected the accounts at the end of the year

 The “Certificate of Grant Utilization” (UTC) should be sent to the Director of Agriculture, Gandhinagar.


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