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Paripatra pdf Download Latest News Update Information

Subject: - Matter of organizing role play competition and folk dance competition at district level.  Reference: - NCERT-New Delhi's NPEP  The academic year of the department is 2021-22


               Action plan for Pursuant to the above subject and context, NCERT, NPEP, New Delhi.  According to the department's action plan for the academic year 2021-22, the district level has been asked to organize role play and folk dance competitions.  The competition aims to provide opportunities for experimental study experiences for the development of their life skills through the active participation of students.  As well as creating an effective environment for youth education in the school through strategies like role play and folk dance competition in the peer group.  Give top priority to be this centralized competition.  Plan ahead for the wide publicity of the competition, norms, awards and other details for evaluating the topics, rules and guidelines of the role play and folk dance competition are as follows.

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 નવા બનેલા  મંત્રીઓની વિષય ફાળવણી સંપૂર્ણ વિગત pdf ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીં

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મંત્રીઓને મળેલ ખાતાઓની વિગત માહિતી ડાઊનલોડ કરો અહીં.

લાઈવ દિવ્યભાસ્કર  ન્યુઝ રિપોર્ટ અહીં વાંચો

Roleplay competition topics:

 1, Nutritious food and well being.

 .  Personal safety Physical, mental, emotional and sexual.  (Personal safety mental, emotive and sexual)


 .  Safe use of internet, gadgets and media.


 .  Substance abuse and its causes and prevention

 Topics of folk dance competition:

 1.  Equal opportunity for boys and girls: Removal of

 Female Feticide)  Respect and Care for Elders

 .  Protection of Environment

 .  Drug Abuse

 .  Adolescence - Charms and challenges of Adolescents

 .  Charms and Challenges of Adolescents

 Lakshya Jath: - This competition is only for the students of Std. 8 of government secondary schools of the state and KGBV.

 Is for students only.

 General rules and guidelines for national roleplay competition and folk dance competition

 > Keep the competition in an open space or hall.

 > At each level in the competition the team will have to give 5 to 6 minutes.

 > The presentation language for the competition will be Gujarati, Hindi and English.


 - There should be a group of 4 to 5 students in the competition.  If there are both boys and girls in the team then one man

 And a female teacher will have to come.

 The costume for the folk dance competition should match the theme.

 > After the role play and folk dance, you will have to get a written response from the audience.  > To invite local media for wide publicity of the competition.  The choice of the crucial

 The selection of three judges in the competition will be as follows.

 1. DIET Principal or District Education Officer (01)

 2. Principal of a school experienced or not participating in the field of youth education (01)

 3. A person with experience in the field of fine arts.  (01)> Coordinated with DEO Shri and DPEO Shri from DIET level and fixed district level date.

 Reporting to GCERT, Population Education Unit. 

With reference to the Reference No. (1) and (2) of the Finance Department, a circular has been issued instructing to fix the procedure and set up the mechanism for online verification of pay structure with regard to the implementation of the Sixth and Seventh Pay Commissions.  Reference- As per the provision made in the resolution mentioned in (2) to (3), the work of pay binding verification carried out manually under the present higher pay scale, stepping-up, ACP, Tiku Commission, Hon. Shetty Pay Kishan etc. should be carried out manually.  Is.  This work is done in a fast, accurate manner and maintains consistency in operations, inward / outward work is easy and fast, record keeping and storage is easy and real time status of higher pay scale cases can be known  The matter was under the consideration of the Government.  At the end of the consideration, the following procedure is prescribed under IFMS 2.0 for online verification of salary constraint in all cases like Higher Pay Scale, Stepping-up, ACP, Tiku Commission, Hon. Shetty Pay Commission etc.

            Before sending online the 6th / 7th Pay Commission and Higher Pay Scale Pay Bondage Verification, each higher pay scale case authorization officer (DDO / Pay Fixation Approver) will be given their User ID and Password by the Office of the Director of Accounts and Treasury, Gandhinagar.  Fixation Approver will first have to enter the data of its case.  Without it, they will not be able to give the rights of Creator, Verifier to their office creator, verifier, as well as any other operation, then DDO / Pay Fixation Approver will enter all the details of Creator, Verifier in their office in Employee creation Master.  Their Employee Number will be generated.  That Ernployee Number will be the ID of the Creator and Verifier.  Also lfis @ 123 will be the password, which the user will have to change immediately, then in the same way only the personal and account details of all the officers / employees of his office will have to be filled in to go to the Employee Creation menu of IFMS 2.0.  If the DDO / Pay Fixation Approver shows the details of the case of the officer / employee other than his own office, he should not add any correction, but should contact the helpdesk.  Only if the DDO / Pay Fixation Approver updates the personal and departmental details of all the officers / employees of his / her office in New IFMS & # 39; s Employee Creatior menu, the Employee Number of that officer / employee will be generated.  Only after the Employee Number is generated, any event of the officer / employee can be generated in the system.  For this there will be Creator, Verifier & Approver wise workflow in IFMS 2.0 at DDO / PF approver office.  If there is any problem in IFMS 2.0, report it to IFMS Helpdesk Email:, Number: 07-9-20 and


            (Ii) On an experimental basis, all the offices of Jamnagar, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Amreli, Banaskantha M-3 district (including primary teachers) on higher pay scale, stepping-up, ACP, Tiku Kishan, Mann, Shetty Pay Commission etc.  Salary binding verification cases should be submitted through online IFMS 2.0 system from 15-09-2021.  Pay verification unit (Pay verification_Unit), Gandhinagar should be sent online as well as service book for verification along with it by post or in person.  Apart from this, instructions will be given later for other district offices to submit online cases.


               (3) After 15-09-2021, before sending the salary verification unit at the pay verification unit, Gandhinagar, check the event in IFM52.0 and check its complete authenticity, upload the attachment and approve the DDO / PF approver to the online PV office.  Forward, after forwarding the case online at the pay verification unit and after the case is accepted by the pay verification unit, no change can be made in it nor can the case be pool bank.  So check all the details before forwarding the case online.  Online case not forwarded from service book in any situation at Pay Verification Unit, Gandhinagar from 16-09-2021 Will not be accepted. 

               Salary Formation Cases After forwarding the case online at the Salary Verification Unit, the service book should be sent by post or in person to the Salary Verification Unit.  (2) The DDO / PF approver of that office will be able to know the status of any employee's sixth-seventh pay commission and higher pay scale pay bond verification cases online from his own log-in from his office.  Salary Verification Unit, Gandhinagar will provide the 6th, 7th Pay Commission and higher pay scale authorized cases to the concerned office through service book and sticker post.  Employee's service book or sticker will not be given in person.  No employee / officer should be sent to the office of the Director of Accounts and Treasury for any kind of investigation or to get the service book or sticker in person.

 (2) Simultaneous login will enable operation in the same system from one place.  Cases of pay verification in the pay binding module under the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS 2.0) will be divided into three parts.  [A] The action to be taken by the concerned office of the paymaster.

                Event data of employees whose event data is available in IFMS-1 is migrated to IFMS 2.0.  Event data of such employees will not have to be re-entered in IFMS 2.0.  In case an employee's event data is available in IFMS-1, but has not migrated to IFMS 2.0, contact the Help Desk and check the case number details.  The office will then have to re-enter the data as per the instructions of the Help Desk.  In addition, when the occasion arises, the attached forms- A, B and C should be filled and sent.

 (Ii) to ensure that the administrative department, the head office of the department and the field office below it are properly represented, if necessary, to amend and show the correct administrative structure,

 E.g.  If the employee is an employee of the District Treasury, then the head of the account and

 The Treasury shall have to show the Finance Department in the Office of the Director and the Administrative Department.

 (2) Pursuant to Gujarat State Service (Salary Reform) Rules, 13 dated 1-01-17


                  Salary fixing and subsequent salary correction notes as per the existing events (Fvents) should be completed and noted in the service book.  Every time the service book is updated, it has to be certified by the office.  (2) If any change is found in the case of salary fixation done for the first time before updating this data, then the salary fixing shall be done as per the rules.  In this regard, the order was renewed

 Will have to.  And updated data must be verified.  (3) All the instrumental papers related to the event where the pay binding verification is to be done by the pay verification unit (PVU) shall be scanned and uploaded in IFMS 2.0.

 (2) Events to be verified by the Pay Verification Unit (PVU) must be generated online under Event IFMS 2.0 and the authenticity of all events generated online must be verified by the competent authority and certified by the DDO / PF Approver Certificate.  Only then will it be forwarded online to the Pay Verification Unit (PVU), with full responsibility for the authenticity of all events generated in IFMS 2.0 resting with the competent authority of that office (DDO / PF Approver).

 (2) It will be the responsibility of the competent authority of the office to see that the cases of court cases / deaths or retired or retiring employees in the next two years are presented online on priority basis.

 [B] Work to be done at Pay Verification Unit.  All the cases of pay constraint forwarded by various State Government Offices will be available online in IFMS 2.0 at the Registry Table of the Pay Verification Unit.

[B] Work to be done at Pay Verification Unit, all cases of pay constraint forwarded by various State Government Offices

                     The verification unit's registry table will be available online in IFMS 2.0.  The employee in charge of the registry branch of the pay verification unit has to go to his login ID and get the cases for pay verification from various offices.

 According to the instructions given by the head, the first case is disposed of first

 The accountant will send the deputy accountant for verification.

 (2) For verification with the Deputy Accountant Deputy Accountant at the Salary Verification Unit.

 Since the online case is available, the procedure for online verification will have to be carried out in accordance with the first case first disposal method. (2)

 Online data entry has been made in the IFM5 2.0 system as per the details of the share

 Why to be sure.

 (4) Whether all the events related to the event for which the case has been filed for pay verification such as promotion, higher salary standard stepping-up, receivable increments, pay scales from time to time etc. have been noted and the salary has been fixed according to the event.  Is it right?  It will have to be verified.

 (2) After verification as mentioned above, if the salary fixation seems appropriate, such salary

 To the concerned accountant / accounting officer of the case pay verification unit if the construction is considered valid Will be able to forward online.

 (2) If there is any defect in the pay structure during the inspection, it should be noted in the Remarks column in the IFMS 2.0 system and sent back to the concerned Accounting Officer of the Pay Verification Unit as cases.


 (2) For the cases submitted from the level of Sub-Accountant / Deputy Accountant, the remarks made by the Sub-Accountant / Deputy Accountant should be confirmed by the Accountant / Accounting Officer.

 (2) Salary after verification of all the above matters by the officer of the pay verification unit

 Authorize the case online to ensure that the verification is correct or that the case is worth sending back

 Will be able to return with objections.


(2) In all cases approved by the pay verification officer or returned with an objection from the pay verification unit at the registry of the pay verification unit, a print out of the approval or endorsement of the pay verification unit is obtained.  Issuing Officer's signature to the concerned office

 Papers must be mailed from the service book.  [A] Action to be taken by the office on the return of the case from the pay verification unit.  (1) In cases authorized by the pay verification unit, the sticker of endorsement signed in the post shall be affixed in the service book of the concerned employee / officer.

 Salary in Endorsement Sticker and Salary Verification Form (Form-2/3)

 Verification must be verified by the unit officer.  (3) In cases which have been returned by the pay verification unit for damages, the necessary corrections should be sent back to the pay verification unit along with the service book for online verification.

 Apart from this other instructions will be circulated by the Office of the Director of Accounts and Treasury, Gandhinagar.

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Paripatra pdf Download News Update Information
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