Today is the first solar eclipse of the year

Today is the first solar eclipse of the year

Find out which cities will be seen and what will be the time
Partial solar eclipse will be held in India, not applicable

NASA has published an interactive map, which shows the path of the 2021 solar eclipse across Earth's surface. It reveals that solar eclipse will be visible in India, but only from Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.

The first solar eclipse of the year is taking place today. This will be a circular solar eclipse. This astronomical event occurs when the sun, moon and earth come in a straight line. Today's solar eclipse will be seen in the form of a ring of fire in many countries of the world. At the time of this eclipse, the lunar eclipse will orbit the Sun about 94 percent. This will cause the sun to shine like a diamond ring. In the language of science it is called the Ring of Fire.

Find out where the solar eclipse will appear in India and what the time will be

Today's solar eclipse will appear in India only before sunset in Arunachal Pradesh and some parts of Ladakh. Debi Prasad Durai, director of the MP Birla constellation, said the solar eclipse would be visible in parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh in India. The astronomical event can be seen here at 5.52 pm near Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary. In the northern part of Ladakh, the sunset will be at 6.15 pm and the eclipse will be visible at 6 pm.

Solar eclipses can be seen at this time in other parts of the world.

This eclipse will be seen in large areas of North America, Europe and Asia. A partial solar eclipse will occur at 11.42 am Indian time and will start ringing at 3.30 pm this afternoon. For 4.52 minutes in the evening, the sun will form in the sky like a ring of fire.

Solar eclipse has begun in India. Thursday is the solar eclipse of Year 1. According to Indian time, the eclipse was to begin at 8 am. Astronomers, scientists, scientists and researchers have become equipped to camera and study this historical phenomenon. This eclipse can be seen from most countries in Asia. In addition, eclipses can be seen in areas such as East Africa and Northwestern Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman.

In most places, astronomical eclipses will be observed, whereas in South India, eclipse eclipses will be observed. According to astronomers, India will have a total eclipse of 5 minutes. Six hours ago, on Wednesday night, for eight hours, the yarn was applied. All temples and shrines were closed. On Thursday morning the eclipse will begin at 3:00 pm and there will be a midday at 3:00 pm and there will be salvation at 3:00.

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