The novel Cora virus (CoVID19) declared a global epidemic by the WHO

-:: Notice:: -

Section 14 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 19 (No. 2 of 19) and Gujarat


Diseases, Covid-18 Regulations, 2020 and Section-3 of the Disaster Management Act

Order issued under

No. Meji / Pol-1 / Corona Curfew Bhuj-Gandhidham 2071 Collector and District Magistrate's Office,

District Service House, Kutch-Bhuj,

Date: 07/02/2071

The novel Cora virus (CoVID19) declared a global epidemic by the WHO

came. Periodic instructions as well as guidelines by the Central Government and the State Government in this regard

Issued. Order No. of Government of Gujarat dated 6/09/2021 vs.

In 1 city of the state from 1 / KA / 103050/4 to date. Every day from 9/08/2081 to 08/04/2071

Implement night curfew from 08.00 hrs to 08.00 hrs in the morning, including Bhuj in Kutch district.

City and Gandhidham city included. Pursuant to which the notification dated 7/08/2011 is out from here


Order No. V-1 / KAV / 103050/2 of the Home Department of the Government dated 05/06/2021

As per the letter of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India dated 7/06/2021 to prevent the transmission of corona

Taking into account the advanced instructions given, it was decided to impose the following restrictions

So, I am Bhavya Verma, IAS, Collector and District Magistrate, Kutch-Bhuj Criminal

Section 13 of the Working Procedure Act (CRPC) 18 (No. 4 of 18) and Gujarat Epidemiological

Diseases, Covid-12 Regulations, 2020 and Section-3 of the Disaster Management Act

Rue says,

1. In Bhuj city and Gandhidham city of Kutch district from 20.00 hrs on 06/02/2011

The night will be closed till 06.00 hrs on 16/06/2021. So that the area

Residents should not leave their house as well as any road, public pedestrian

Do not stand on roads, highways, streets, alleys, societies and public places

Or don't get lost on foot or in vehicles.

Only essential services will continue during the night work period. In addition to the following

Disputes will also be enforced.

(1) Permission to travel with attendant for treatment of sick persons, pregnant women, disabled persons

Will remain.

(3) Passengers are allowed to travel by presenting train, airport ST or city bus tickets.

Will have to give.


(3) Marriage may not be held during the night period.

(3) Citizens / Officers / Employees involved in essential services during the transfer

Required credentials must be submitted upon request.

(3) In case of unavoidable circumstances, the persons who have come out should have their identity card, doctor's preskin,

To allow transfer by submitting treatment papers and other evidence

(2) The officer / employee on duty with the persons who went out in unavoidable circumstances

Will have to show an approach.

(3) All must strictly adhere to face cover, mask and social distance.

, Controls:

Considering the current situation in Corona, Dat. From 00.00 hrs of 08.03.2011.

In Bhuj city and Gandhidham city during the entire period up to 09.00 hrs of 12.08.2021

The following restrictions are placed.


All economic / commercial activities such as shops, commercial during this period

Institutions, restaurants (except Take away Service), all lorries, shopping complexes,

Weekly Gujri / Bazar / Hat, Educational Institutions and Coaching Centers (excluding online education),

Cinema theaters, auditoriums, assembly halls, water parks, public gardens, recreation

In addition to venues, salons, spas, beauty parlors, gyms, swimming pools and all kinds of malls and




All marketing yards and all markets will be closed. Vegetables and fruits in APMC

Buying and selling will continue. During which COVID-19 related guidelines are strictly followed

Will have to comply.

During this period a maximum of 50 (fifty) open or closed places for marriage,

Individuals will be allowed. Provision of registration for marriage on DIGITAL GUJARAT PORTAL

Remains the same.

A maximum of 20 (twenty) persons will be allowed for funeral / burial.

Government, Semi-Government, Board, Corporation, Bank, Finance Tech Related Services, Cash Trans

Services, Baco's Clearing House, ATM / CDM Repairers, stock exchanges, stock brokers,

Number of employees in insurance companies and all types of private offices

Up to 50% must be ensured. This provision does not apply to essential services.

All kinds of political, social, religious, cultural, educational, programs gatherings

Will be closed.

Without spectators in the sports complex / sports stadium / complex without the presence of spectators

Sports can be continued.

All places of worship will be closed to the public. Daily worship / rituals at places of worship

Must be done only by the administrators / priests of religious places.







Public bus transport will continue at a maximum of 50% passenger capacity.

2 (1) This period

In the meantime the following essential service activities will continue.

1) With the service directly associated with the operation of COVID-19 as well as with the urgent service required

The associated services will continue.

2) Medical, paramedical and ancillary health services

3) Oxygen production and distribution system.

4) Dairy, milk-vegetable, fruit-fruit production, distribution and sale and its home delivery service.

5) Vegetable market and foot market will continue.

6) Selling groceries, bakeries, all kinds of food items and distributing them online

All services.

7) Cereal and spice grinding bell

8) Household tiffin services and services providing 'take away facility' from hotel / restaurant.

9) Internet / Telephone / Mobile Service Provider / IT And IT. Related services.

10) Print and Electronic Media, Newspaper Distribution.

11) Petrol, Diesel, LPG / CNG / PNG related pumps, operation of production

Unit, Port of Loading, Terminal Deposits, Plants and Related Transportation,

Distribution and repair services

12) Post and courier service

13) Private Security Service

Services related to animal feed, fodder and animal medicine and treatment

15) Production, transportation and supply of agricultural operations, pest control and other essential services


All of the above are related to the transportation, storage and distribution of essential items


17) Interstate, inter-district and inter-city transport services and related e-commerce


18) Continuation of all types of manufacturing / industrial units and raw material supplying units

And transportation for their staff will continue. During which COVID.19 related

The guidelines must be followed strictly.

19) Construction related activities will continue during which COVID-9 related guide

The instructions must be strictly followed.





3. Bank management to ensure continuous supply of money in ATMs during this period.

Care must be taken.

. All must strictly adhere to face cover, mask and social distance.

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The novel Cora virus (CoVID19) declared a global epidemic by the WHO
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