Supernumerary Camp - 2021 matter. Junagadh.

Supernumerary Camp - 2021 matter. Junagadh. 

No.  Jishis Makam-1 / Vashi / Camp 2 | 2021


 Taluka Primary Education Officer, All, Dist. Junagadh

 Subject: - Supernumerary Camp - 2021 matter.

 Reference: - (1) Education Department Resolution No. PRE / 11/2016/2103 / K (Part-1) Dt. 9/10/200

 (2) Instruction given in video conference on 9/06/2021.

 Pursuant to the above subject and reference letter, teachers of Std. 1 to 8 work in Std. 6 to 8 in government primary and upper primary schools under the District Education Committee (Supplementary).  Reference has been made to include such teachers back in Std. 1 to 8.

 The Sadarhu Camp should be reported to all the schools in your taluka where supernumerary teachers are on duty.  As well as the following instructions should be taken into consideration.



 Camp date



 (1) The teacher education assistant participating in the camp shall be present in the camp along with the certificate of prescribed specimen attached herewith.Will remain.

 (3) The Taluka Primary Education Officer shall be present in person with all the required records in the camp.  (3) The teacher with superior education must be present at the place of camp and select the place.

 Will come.  And no one will be able to claim the right later.

 (2) The taluka primary education officer shall inform the teacher with supernumerary in writing from the taluka level about his attendance in this camp and keep a record of his performance at the taluka level and

 Will need to be introduced in future.  (3) The COVID-12 guideline must be fully complied with.  So that none other than teachers with supersnumory

 Do not enter the camp.  Otherwise legal action will be taken.

 Involved: મુજબ As per above

 District Primary Education Officer, Dist. Junagadh.

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