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One Time to based employees Matter of giving incentive amount. Government of Gujarat

 Class-3 and class 4 at Government covid Hospitals

 3 outsourcing / 11 month contract

 One Time to based employees

 Matter of giving incentive amount.

 Government of Gujarat

 Resolution No .: NCV / 112021 / SFS-2 / c.

 Department of Health and Family Welfare,

 Secretariat, Gandhinagar.

 Date: 01/02/2071


 (1) Commissioner, Health, T.S.  And the office of T.Shi.'s office dated 31/06/2021

 Order No .: Compilation / Covid-15 / Corona Warriors Honorary Amount / 2021

 (3) Commissioner, Health, T.S.  And SFS through the office of T.S.  Retrieved from file



 Commissioner (Health) of the order (1) taken by reading, Health, T.S.  And T.S.

 In the current situation with the office order of the office dated 31/06/2021, COVID-19

 Joining public service for three months at Government covid-19 hospitals

 Monthly 20 as volunteers for medical, para-medical and cleaning staff

 Decided to take service by giving honorarium for the day

 At present at Government Kovid Hospitals under Kovid-12

 From outsourcing as well as on the basis of 11 months contract of class-3 and 4 cadres

 Employees are on duty.  Taking their current monthly salary and reading,

 According to the authority vested in the committee by the office order of order (1)

 Due to inequality in the honorarium received by the volunteers as decided

 And 4 outsourcing / 11 months contract based employees

 By order of the order (1) read from 31/06/2071 to 31/04/2071

 Order (2) of the order taken by the Commissioner to pay the prescribed honorarium

 The proposal was under consideration by the Government.


 Government covid hospitals in the present situation at the end of adult consideration

 Outsourcing of Class-3 and 4    to 11 months as shown in the table below

 Salary of employees performing contract based duty and rank 1) Office

 Outsourcing / 11 months

 Based duty employees

 Below for duty performed from 31/06/2021 to 31/04/2071

 It is decided to give one time incentive amount as per the wise table.


 Order |  Cadre name

 One to outsourcing / contract based employees

 Incentive amount receivable

 Rs.  51,000 / -



 Rs.  15,000 / -


 Rs.  15,000 / -


 Junior Pharmacist

 Laboratory Technician

 X-ray technician

 ECG  Technician



 Rs.15,000 / -


 Rs.  15,000 / -


 Rs.  15,000 / -

 This resolution is on the file of the same number of the department dated 01/06/2001

 Out of the note with the approval of the Chief Secretary (Finance) and the Government

 Is provided.

 By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name,

 (Ripple Receipt)

 Section Officer,

 Department of Health and Family Welfare.

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