Matter of keeping school time in the morning from 5th April.

Matter of keeping school time in the morning from 5th April 

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 Satishbhai Patel

 Digvijay Singh Jadeja

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 (Resolution No. PRE-114-13121-K of Education and Labor Department, valid from 7-8-95)


 Dt. 21/7/2071


 Hon'ble Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama Saheb

 Minister of Education, State of Gujarat,

 Swarnim Sankul-1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.

 Subject: - Matter of keeping school time in the morning from 1st April

 respected Sir,

 Jayabharat co-stated that school hours are kept in the morning from 1st April every year.

 But the district primary education officer was instructed to keep the school hours all day this year

 Is.  We have been introduced to this matter by many District Education Associations considering the following reasons.

 We request to keep school hours in the morning from 1st April.

 (1) Every year school hours are held from 1st April in the morning.

 (2) At present, the temperature has increased since March 15.

 (2) In the hinterland children come to school from afar.  There is also a shortage of water in the hinterland.

 (2) Due to the corona epidemic, only children from Std. 6 to 8 are coming to school less in the morning.

 Keep school time in the morning so that a healthy leopard can get a good education in the heat.

 (2) Matter of keeping school morning time as per 11 to 8 school working hours as per routine.

 Currently the scorching heat, corona virus and children coming from the hinterland and water shortages

 Considering the situation of Vigare, in the interest of the children, the school hours are 11 to 9 in the morning according to the working hours.

 Please keep.

 Yours faithfully


school morning time

 (Satishbhai Patel)

 General Secretary

 (Digvijay Singh Jadeja)


 Copy to :

 - Hon. Shri Dr.  Vinod Rao Saheb, Secretary, Education Department, G.R.A., 2/3, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.

 - May.  Mr. M.  eye.  Joshi Saheb, Director, Primary Education, G.R.A., 12/1, Dr.GM Bhavan, Gandhinagar.