2. When appointing traveling teachers in vacant primary schools, as per the provisions of the Resolution dated 01/04/2022 of the Education Department, it should be seen that the number of teachers in the school will not exceed the approved establishment as per the teacher-student establishment as on 30/06/2022. .

3. At the local level, the head teacher of the school will have to decide on the appointment of a senior teacher of the school and a traveling teacher jointly by the school management committee.

4. In schools run by the District / Town Education Committee where there is currently a school with one teacher, if another teacher is to be met, then in case such schools have to be given priority in the selection for the traveling teacher. 4. Mathematics and science teachers should be given priority in upper primary schools.

5. Candidates with prescribed qualifications will have to be appointed for the vacancies of Std-1 to 5 and Std-6 to 8.

6. For the honorarium to be paid to the approved traveling teachers as per Annexure-1 to 3, the accompanying grant request form and certificate should be submitted by the District Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer / Govt. At present the demand form has to be submitted considering the expenses for the month of July-2022, which will be allotted by this office every month thereafter considering the expenses for one month. If in the middle of the session there is an increase or decrease in the number of traveling teachers appointed in the limit of traveling teachers allotted from here, then it should be reported to the office here and demand accordingly.

7. No leave or exemption may be given to the traveling teacher in the ongoing academic work,

8. The educational work of the regular teacher / class is handled by the traveling teacher. All the work other than the academic work of that teacher / class will have to be done by the head teacher. 9. In addition to the number of students up to 60 in the school of standard 1 to 5 considering the number of students

One more traveling teacher will have to be appointed. 10. The ratio of teachers per class in the subsidized primary schools should be fixed for the missing teacher.

The same traveling teacher will have to be arranged.

11. Do the traveling teachers do a good job in the appointed school? Appropriate arrangements to check it and to prevent unnecessary operation / payment District Education Officer / District

The Primary Education Officer / Govt. Should be organized from their level.

12. No written order shall be made to assign work to a traveling teacher.

No.: Anad-1 / D / Madhya / 1060612-4-1 Office of Commissioner Schools, Block No. 3/1, Dr. JM Bhavan, Gu.Ra.  , Gandhinagar dated 17/11/2050, District Education Officer, all.  Subject: State Government Granted Secondary and U.M.  Matter of traveling teachers.  Reference: (1) Resolution No. of Education Department: Bamash / 1013/150 / C, Dt. 21/12/2017 (2) Resolution No of Education Department: Bamash - 1016-150 - C Dt. 18/4/2020 (2) Education  Resolution No. of the Department: MASHAB / 120/3/6 Dt. 16/11/2015 Mr., to mention the above subject and reference, to state that all the state under the situation arising due to the global epidemic of Corona (COVID - 19) referred to by the Education Department.  It has been decided to resume direct education work in secondary and higher secondary schools from 9/11/2015.  In the government / non-government aided secondary and higher secondary schools of the state, provision has been made to avail the service from the honorarium of the traveling teachers by the resolution of the education department dated 31/12/2017 and from the resolution of the education department dated 31/03/2022, the scheme of the traveling teacher.

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પ્રવાસી શિક્ષક ભરતી વર્ષ 2022-23 પરિપત્ર  23-06-2022 ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીં 

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