Google Lens is the next version of Google new application

Google Lens is the next version of Google new application.


          Google Lens is the next version of Google Goggles, which was discontinued in 2014.  With the help of Google lens, you can scan any product such as an image of an animal, something around you or something else.  To use it, you just have to focus your camera on that and click the lens button.  After clicking, Google lens will give you complete information about the thing seen in the camera.  Like it will tell you which type of flower it is.  What restaurant is this and what is found here.  What is its review?


When can you get Google lens on your phone?

 Google lens was also available on the company's phone Pixel and Pixel 2 series earlier.  But in the month of February, the company announced that this feature will also be available for other smartphones.  In Google I / O 2018, Google said that this feature will come only for a few smartphones including broads like LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, HMD / Nokia, Transsion, TCL, OnePlus, BQ, and Asus.


Understand WHAT TO ORDER 
Discern popular dishes on a café menu subordinate on audits from Google Maps.

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What can you do with the help of Google lens?

There are many types of features coming in Google Lens. Such as smart text selection, style match and real time search. With the help of smart text selection, you can place your phone's camera on any text and copy it. For example, suppose you put your device on someone's WiFi password and they will copy and paste it in the login window of Direct Wi-Fi. Apart from this, Style Match has also been included in Google Lens.

Like suppose you went to buy a shirt in a shop and you liked a shirt there but it turned out to be very expensive. After this, with the help of style match, you just have to put your camera on that shirt, after which Google lens will show you more other shirts attached to that shirt. So with the help of real time, you can search the topics related to any subject, that too without any delay. Like you just have to put your camera towards Taj Mahal and Google lens will give you complete information about Taj Mahal.
Google Lens क्या है? Google Lens को यूज़ कैसे करे?


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 What can Google Lens do?

This question would be in everyone's mind, what can we do with Google lens? And how will this help us, then let us know in detail.

1. Smart Selection Of Text:

If you are using Google lens on a photo that has text in any language, then you can convert the text shown in the photo into text and select it and you can copy it and after copying you You can also paste it on the spot.

2. Smart Text Search:

When you translate the text of a photo into text, now you can search the Internet with the help of Google Assistant and also see the web result corresponding to it.

3. Search Near You:

With Google lens, you can easily know about anything around you, which is unknown to you, Example: You are in a garden and you are looking at a flower and you do not know the name of that flower. To know, you can use google lens to find out his name and the results of Google Search about it.

Which devices does Google Lens support?

Google Lens has an Android App that you will find in the Google Play Store, but if you are installing Google Lens, then you can see this type of notification that "Your Device Is Compatible With This Version"

So we can tell you that Google Lens does not support every mobile as an example, then this app supports on Samsung Note 8 but does not support Google Lens on Samsung S8. For this, your device must be updated to Android Marshmallow or above.

How to use Google Lens?

Have you known that Google Lens Kya Hota Hai yet? And what can we do with Google Lens? Now we will explain to you that Google Lens Kaise Use Karte Hai? You can use Google lens in different ways according to Android and iphone or ipad, because the OS of these three is different, so the way to use Google lens is also different, so let's know in detail how To Use Google Lens In Hindi?

 How to use Google Lens in Android?

 If you use Android Device, then you can use Google Lens in your Smartphone in three ways, which is as below.

 1. via Google Photos:

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Google Lens is the next version of Google new application
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