Standard 3 To 9 Homework | Week -3 By Education Department

Standard 3 To 9 Homework | Week -3 By Education Department

Sometimes in life, there is even a person who has a loose heart. This is the story of a boy. He got a friend. At first I talked very formally. One day the girl said, you live a lot. Tell me, what's going

on in your heart? Trust me, your words will never go out! The boy talked a thing or two. Often man is testing before trusting. Is this person able to talk in his stomach? His friend did not tell anyone. The boy trusted his friend. After that, he started to say big things from small to big. Talking about it, it feels good. It used to be that life has found a friend who can say all things! Shortly after the issue of the girl's personal life, she was removed from her friend. The boy now likes to talk with his heart! Dost had no other expectations! 

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We have become accustomed to telling certain things to certain people. When that person goes away, a different kind of emptiness is created. Vacancies that do not even count. In her mind and in her mind, things are going on with her that happened today! That's what happened today!

As the friend walked away, it happened to the boy that there is no one else, who should I talk to? He did an idea. Made a stone image. He gave the idol the name of that friend. Every day he would sit in front of the idol and do all the talking. Doing so made her feel somewhat relaxed. Shortly afterwards, his friend suddenly found him at one place. He asked, 'Do you tell anyone your heart? The boy said, "Yes?" The girl asked, whom? The boy said, he has made a stone statue! The girl said, the move is good. There is something you can talk to all! The boy said, "That's right." The only problem is, the idol doesn't answer! Hearing talk does not give comfort! His friend understood everything. We don't just have to talk, want something. Sometimes comfort, sometimes advice and sometimes a mild touch! Sense can also be heard when a person is listening and talking and slightly tapping his hand.

The sensations can sometimes become intense. The shoreline is needed to shine it. No matter how wide the sea, there are other shores! Many men are like the sea, saving a lot, sitting in sangri. There is also the burden of saving and saving. Occasionally sunburns occur. The beaches are probably shaking their heads, because the buoyancy of the honeymoon is causing them to swell! An invisible catastrophe continues in every man. If it is found along the shore, lightness is widespread.

Sometimes we feel betrayed when someone tells us something. When this happens, man is 'packed'. I can't say anything to anyone. One reason for depression is to keep everything in your heart. Inward derangement confuses a man. They cannot be expressed. Every man has something 'private'. They also have to share it. Do you have a man talk about it personally? If you do, then you are his 'locker'! A locker that has one key and one near you. We have a responsibility to ensure that this locker is never opened. Once the locker is emptied, it will never talk again. Secrets should be safe. What should not come out of one's mouth, but should be read out in a corner.

Being respectable requires trusting. If no one is talking to us personally, understand that we are lacking. Trust also has to be done in order to be trusted. Learn to express. It is also necessary to identify man. There are people in the world who are dependable. Sometimes finding the wrong person does not mean that no one is trustworthy. Not everyone can say all things, but few are like 'lockers'. You also have to think, how trustworthy am I with anyone?

Standard 3 To 9 Homework | Week -3 By Education Department