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General Knowledge Book Of Government Of Gujarat

If you approve, it does not matter, but when you reject, the situation becomes a whisper, why should the boss now be convinced? In some companies, it is customary to do the holiday. I have to prove that I really want to live with Genuine Reason. Many bosses even get a sedative pleaser to reject employees' leave. We also see a number of instances where a job is changed because of no leave. That is why, it is said that no man is hiring because of work, mostly because of people there and especially seniors. There are very few companies where there is a leisurely holiday.

There is a reason why I wanted to talk about holiday. A recent survey in the United States found that taking time off from work could reduce the risk of heart attack. It is also a joke to hear of this survey, that there is a situation where the risk of heart attack becomes the same as asking for leave. If you want to leave tomorrow, at night he does not even think about sleeping, how to say? Sometimes it is a pleasure to have a lottery if the boss says yes without a headlock. Well, in a survey conducted by Syracuse, a US-based private research university, it was revealed that people who don't take time off for themselves are at risk for digestive problems, from heart disease to heart attack. Because of the job, the man is constantly in stress. Taking a break gives you a break and experiences physical and mental upheaval.

It is understandable that, if there is a holiday, relaxation fills and it refreshes. However, a new issue is that people are now afraid to take leave. So why not give me leave? So, what if my imports drop? What if I am not considered censor for work? What if my image is bad? So many people are scared that if I ask for leave I will be fired. There is a rift in every field right now. Everyone is determined to survive. Youngsters also have a performance commitment. Everyone feels pressured to propose themselves and their work.

Now the hours of work have gone up too. In the big city, people leave for work in the morning and arrive home every night. Due to lack of workload and leave, questions have also been raised about the relationships of people. The biggest issue with new couples is that they can't afford each other. Today's youngsters understand the value of relationships, but are having trouble because of their careers. Where there is a need to be present, the present cannot exist. This is the story of a young man selected on the Higher Post. Because of his new job, he could not attend any of the events, so his relatives used to beat him so much that you are now a big man. He said, 'Brother, I am almost stuck at work. I want to be everywhere, but should I match?

General Knowledge free Book Of Government Of Gujarat download.




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