Social Science Std.6 Navneet Soft Copy File Download

Social Science Std.6 Navneet Soft Copy File Download

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believe it. If any of us have done bad and something bad happens to them, then I say, I regret it. Numerous words of cursing are also found in our scriptures. Sometimes the question is, does it really seem like a curse? Anyone think hi? We have heard through the mouths of many that everything is here. Everything that is to be enjoyed in this world is to be enjoyed. For one thing, most people agree that doing good is good and doing bad is bad!

There is a saying among us that Sati does not curse and does not feel the curse of congratulations. Suppose Sati seems to curse? An incident is missed. Reporter interviewed a murderer while he was there. He was sentenced to life and death in a murder case. When asked about the murder, he put his hand on his throat and said, "I did not commit the murder for which I have been punished." Only then did he say that I had murdered a man before this. His case went to court. I was left innocent. As I was leaving the courtroom, the wife of the man I killed came to me and said, 'I curse you. God will punish you. The first thought that came to my mind when I was punished for not committing murder was that I was cursed by that woman.

About 30 booklets were found in a well in Athens twenty-five years old. When the experts studied it, it turned out that it contained a curse! At that time, it was believed that his restless spirit would curse when someone dies prematurely. The name of the one who was to be cursed was also written. There were no curse names. Most were cursed because of business, competition loss, defeat in any case, or any event created by love. That is to say, such beliefs as cursing, baddua devi, hi lagavi are not only in our country, in almost all countries of the world.

What psychology works to curse? The renowned psychologist Dr. Prashant Bhimani said, "We curse so that no one has done anything wrong to us and we can do nothing." Even after cursing, there is a tendency for revenge. In the language of psychology it is called the defense mechanism. If anything bad happens to the one who is cursed, then man rationalizes it, that is, rationalizing it. In addition, it is combined with the Divine Essence, so it attains Authenticity. Of course, if man wants good, then there are possibilities for getting better. This is because good thoughts make a person positive. He believes that I do not do bad to anyone, so I will not be bad. Even in such cases, strange situations sometimes arise. If something goes wrong with a person who does not do wrong, he is asked, if I have not done any wrong, then why is it bad for me? In this case, people are saying that they may have done something wrong in the past life.

Science does not support such a thing, but sometimes it does happen before our eyes that something seems to be true. A dog was barking. One man's brain was gone. He started hitting the dog with a stick. The dog ran. The man ran after him. He was stunned while he was running. Fell out loud A fracture occurred in the leg. What do you call this? We have heard many stories of Poetic Justice. Is there anything like an eagle's curse? The same question is known by the well-known astrologer. Asked Pankajbhai Nagar. He said yes. He even said his own personal cases, that I have experienced. In Mahabharata and Ramayana, curse cases are also found. Dronacharya cursed Ekalavya. Muni Durvasa was known for cursing. Pankajbhai offers new logic. They say, "We have the glory of blessing." We also believe that blessings bring fruit. In this way, blessing is also something that comes from one's heart. If blessings do not come, then do not curse? What comes out of the depths of the inside is affected. Some things don't need any support, that's all! By the way, what do you mean? Is there anything like that? Believe what you believe, everyone has his or her own right. The bad is not known, but if we think good and do good, good is done and even if not, there is nothing to lose. The world is saying that if you are good, everything will look good.

Social Science Std.6 Navneet Soft Copy File Download

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