Social Science Guide Standard 8 -Semester 2

Social Science Guide Standard 8 -Semester 2

Today, when you have a mobile hands-on, your WhatsApp will

have several Republic Day greetings. You, too, may have wished Republic Day a lot of people. You might even buy a tricolor sold on the road and put it in your vehicle. If there is a match, you might have seen the parade in Delhi on TV for a while. It is a good thing. There is nothing wrong That is how we make our country proud. What else have you done? There was once the idea that I would fully comply with the laws in the Constitution of the country?To this day, the constitution of our country came into being in the '

walked without a constitution? The answer is no. The British ruled our country from 1857 to 1947. Until January 26, 1950, the country was governed by the same laws that the British operated. The constitution still influences the laws of British rule. Interestingly, Britain does not have a written constitution. Not only in Britain, Israel, New Zealand, Canada and Saudi Arabia also there is no written constitution. The United States Constitution is the oldest. There the constitution came into force in 1789. The Constitution of India is considered among the best in the world. Of course, a debatable issue is how and where the law is practiced in our country.

There has been a lot of talk in the world about how a country is made great. The important point that comes out is that no country becomes great because of the government, but because of the people of the country. Not only do we love our country, but when it comes to law enforcement, we turn our mouth.
Social Science Guide Standard 8 -Semester 2

Every citizen should be serious about the country. Do you remember the yellow affidavit? India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I will always strive to be worthy of it.

I respect my parents, teachers, and elders and treat everyone with membership. I owe my allegiance to my country and my countrymen. My happiness is only in their welfare and prosperity. Jai Hind. In 1962 p. V. Subbarao wrote the affidavit in Telugu. Then the whole country adopted. There is not much to do in the history of this affidavit. It has to do with the present.

How much do we follow up on this pledge? If we go abroad we follow the laws properly. Not only that, we also admire the laws of another country. We take our country as a Tech for Grant. Traffic laws are not properly obeyed which is why most people in our country die in road accidents. Civic sense of man more than the Constitution reveals the true identity of the country. We call cancer a cancer, and when we have to work we become cancer cells.

The present era is about technology. Everybody has a mobile in their hands. The name of our country is at the forefront of spreading the most fake news. We roll the eyes that come forward and forward. We do not care to verify the truth. We are drawn and the main reason is that we believe in everything without examining right and wrong. Do you want our country to become great? So understand one thing, it is you who can make the country great. All you have to do to make the country great is to obey the laws of the country. Before doing anything, just think that my actions do not harm my country?

How many times do we have to say one thing to another? Why do we not understand even though we are told thousands of times? How often have you heard about hygiene? How long has it been called to fasten on Tolanaka, yet many still do not count it. Why don't we suddenly adopt a new system? We have to extend the deadline for anything or anything to implement. We also do not hesitate to say that the whole country is trusted by God. The country should run on the trust of the people, you, me and we all came in. The true celebration of Republic Day is to make some changes in ourselves and decide what to do and what not to do to make the country great. Very simple, the bus should be donated. Only good intentions will make the country great. Happy Republic Day.

Social Science Guide Standard 8 -Semester 2


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