National Health Insurance Scheme

About the National Health Insurance Scheme (R.S.B.Y.)

The Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India has launched the National Health Insurance Scheme (RSBY) to provide health insurance to the BPL family living below the poverty line. The purpose of RSBY is to protect BPL families against health problems that require hospitalization and to meet the financial costs that arise. www.happytohelptech.in 

Under the RSBY, beneficiaries have to pay up to Rs. Up to 30,000 returns. The government has set a package for hospitals based on which beneficiaries can get health care. More than 3 ailments have been included from day one, there is no age limit. The plan includes up to five family members including the head of the household, spouse and three dependent children. Beneficiaries have to pay only Rs. 30 registration fee. The central and state governments pay premium to the insurance company selected by the state government on the basis of competitive bidding.
For those living below the poverty line, illness is a serious problem that is not dependent on their income. But in many cases it leads to the family cycle of debt.
When poor families are in need of medical treatment, they are often ignored because of the lack of financial resources, fear of losing employment, which causes them to prolong and ignore the illness. Even if he decides to get the necessary health care, his savings are used up or his property has to be sold or his child's education costs incurred. And if there are no alternatives, sometimes they have to be fat.

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Avoiding treatment can lead to unnecessary harassment and even death. Health insurance can avoid such a stressful situation that protects many families against illness. With a need-based plan, people can avail health services through insurance, which in turn improves their health in the long run.
Insurance companies
On 5th, the following insurance companies offer their services.
• Reliance General Insurance Company Limited.
• Bajaj General Insurance Company Limited
• United India Insurance Company Limited
• Oriental Insurance Company Limited
Characteristics of the scheme
The RSBY scheme is not the first attempt by the Government of India to provide health insurance services to low-income people. But the RSBY scheme is special because of the following characteristics of other schemes:
Empowering beneficiaries - RSBY gives families living below the poverty line the freedom to choose between public and private hospitals. Under this scheme, the cost of treatment for the registered hospital is paid by the insurance company, thereby increasing their income.
Business model for each partner - This plan is a social sector plan that has attractions for each partner - one of which is designed as a business model. This is a business model that is conducive to enhancing the viability of the scheme and its sustainability in the long run.
Insurance Companies - The premium paid to the insurance company for each family registered in RSBY. As such, the insurance company is encouraged to include as many families as possible from the families living below the poverty line. As a result, targeted beneficiaries are increasingly included.

Hospitals - Registered hospitals under RSBY are paid by the insurance company for the treatment bills. This facility is available to all private and government hospitals, which encourages hospitals to participate in the scheme as well as treat patients.
Intermediaries - Voluntary organizations (NGOs) and Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) who have a key role to help BPL families have been included as mediators. More and more beneficiaries can be reached at the grassroots level through these intermediaries.
Government - By paying only the minimum charge per family per year, the government can provide quality health care to families living below the poverty line. This will create a healthy competition between public and private service providers and, as a result, improve the performance of public service providers.

Information Technology (IT) Incentives - For the first time across India, such a large scale IT application is being used in social sector planning. That is, the beneficiary family is given a biometric enabled smart card which also has their fingerprints and photographs. Each hospital designated under RSBY is also IT enabled and connected to a server placed at the district level. Due to this, the use of the service from time to time is well and assuredly available.

Safe and secure - Biometric enabled smartcard and key management system make the scheme safe and error-free. RSBY's key management system ensures that the card reaches the right beneficiary and is responsible for the allocation and consumption of the smart card. With biometric enabled smart card, only the right beneficiaries are ensured.

Portability - The main feature of RSBY is that the beneficiary who has registered from one of the districts can use his smart card in a hospital designated under RSBY scheme across India. This characteristic makes the scheme quite unique and special. Because of the poverty families



Important link:-

yojana mahiti gujarati here pdf

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