Mahisagar district Rajao List 2020 primary school download.

Mahisagar district Rajao List 2020 primary school download.

In the new National Education Policy-II, a discussion meeting was held in the capital city of Gujarat to discuss the group's suggestions for states.  After that, the votes of the states are being taken to formulate a national education policy.

The draft of the new National Education Policy introduced before the Government of India has two parts: School Education and Higher Education.  Special focus on school-age children in the school year, the goal of educational care for all children in grades 1 to 5, implementation of the right to education from year 7 to 8, and to prepare an elementary child education course to NCERT.  Assignment of responsibility, the primary education that the child should also be familiar with languages ​​at the elementary level is found only in the mother tongue, at the secondary level the children learn a foreign language.  Issues, social, etc. are included.
Mahisagar district Rajao List 2020 primary school download.

In addition, there is the issue of dividing institutions of higher education into three types for higher education.  These include research universities, education universities and college-autonomous institutions for the acquisition of high-quality education.

The new government of the Center is going to formulate a new National Education Policy-1.  A dialogue was held at Gandhinagar to give final approval to the National Education Policy-1.  Youth power is the asset of the nation, it is about to become a viable medium to invest in nation building, this new national education policy.  After that, a new national education policy is being made.  The first Modi government launched a nationwide campaign to create a new policy, but then it suddenly dropped.  Modi failed to make policy.  Now, by re-creating the policy, it can have the education of the union sprinkled.
Mahisagar district Rajao List 2020 primary school download.

In Gandhinagar, there was a group discussion of the Education Department organized by the Central Government for the recommendation of the states of the National Education Policy-1.  At the center of this policy - Gujarat will be sending its suggestions for this new policy - on the basis of education and student living in FOCUS, timely change and extensive discussion of 4-5 years of independence experiences.

Earlier, the government of Gujarat had also given Malki instructions.  Nothing has happened to her yet.  For the first time, the Modi government had abandoned that plan.

Throughout the day, the Department of Education, experts and academics received responses to the discussions.

Referring to the efforts of the Government of India and the process being undertaken, Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said at the beginning of the seminar that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has initiated a nationwide effort in the direction of the National Education Policy, not the BJP Government.  The Prime Minister categorically stated before the process of preparing the National Education Policy, that the process of formulating an education policy that was helpful and crucial to the overall development process of New India and the student has begun.
Mahisagar district Rajao List 2020 primary school download.

The conscientious, educated and understanding of global, national challenges can only formulate a child's education with holistic development and the new education policy will have special emphasis on such holistic education.  Social responsibility is also the responsibility of education, education is not only a means of economic earning, but educationists should also make constructive suggestions in this direction.

Each team-group organized a separate meeting by forming 3 teams of communities present at the seminar.  That  The committee, headed by Kasturi Rangan, conducted an in-depth study on the important issues of drafting the new National Education Policy-1.  After the study, members of that group, in addition to the issue, presented their thoughts and suggestions.

Not to mention, Dr.  The Government of India has sought suggestions from all the state academics, after discussing nationwide, drafting a new national education policy prepared by the committee headed by Kasturi Rangan.  As part of this process, a seminar was organized by the state education department today on the status of academics.  An integrated report was submitted to the Government of Gujarat, Government of India on the basis of suggestions expressed in this seminar regarding national education policy.

In addition, several important issues related to school education and higher education are included in the draft of this new national education policy.  In today's seminar on these issues, 3 groups held separate meetings, discussed and presented their suggestions.

The country's famous scientist Dr.  The committee headed by Kasturi Rangan has drafted a new national education policy and this is the first event that is being discussed by all the states of the country on the basis of nationwide study to finalize it.  In addition to the academics, district teachers, primary, secondary school principals, chief superintendents and officials of the education department were present at this one-day seminar.
Mahisagar district Rajao List 2020 primary school download.

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Mahisagar district Rajao List 2020 primary school download.
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