Letter Of Invitation To The Guardians Of The Students In Celebration Of Republic Day

Letter Of Invitation To The Guardians Of The Students In Celebration Of Republic Day

There were festivals of the seventh eighth. The three-day tour of the city's famous doctors, Sukatu Patel and Nehal Patel, was arranged. He was on his way to his Honda Amaze car. He didn't go out for a long time and it was still two years before he married. The offspring had nothing to think about, so it was a reckoning to take back as much as they wanted. While studying in medical college with Bane, he fell in love and became a big tree of love in the world. The city had a bank loan with a bank loan. Sucetu was MD Medicine and Nehal Gynecologist. Due to his temperament and shaking, he was soon to receive fame. Last summer, they went to Mahabaleshwar and Panchagi. This time Indore and Ujjain were to leave.
Bani had similar characteristics. He does not have to go to the group with other doctors. Living in their own car and in their own places wherever they are. The snowy cars used to drive. All preparations were done on Thursday. There was nothing special in the preparation, just taking a big jug of clothing, essential medicines and water. The rainfall had dropped to the right this year, which is why it was selected over Madhya Pradesh. Sukatu Patel was an avid living eater. He had heard a lot about Indore ever since he was studying. There are new recipes to eat at the Sharafa Bazaar at night. On the day, there were six printing shops in one place. Indore is said to be the real taste of  !!

It was raining on Friday. And made the trip to. Vehicle movement was minimal due to rain. Due to the good rainfall, nature was nailing along the road. The border of Madhya Pradesh was to arrive after two and a half kilometers. There was lovely music playing inside the car. At the same time, Bhanuch's famous pilgrims were eating horns. The pineapple is a wonderful privilege to eat in the rain. The young couple were enjoying a trip in a cheerful mood.

The border of was now visible forty km away. A small town came. And all of a sudden, it rained. Due to the traffic from the small town, I was scrapped. They wanted to enter Pradesh as soon as possible. The sides now covered with thick trees. The rain was steadily increasing. The road was now also uphill and landing. The loose Sucetu reduced the speed of the car. With the rain, the wind also seemed to have landed in the contest. In the surrounding hinges, Morla was twisting and twisting. It felt like a small shop on the roadside for a few kilometers. Ben decided that maybe after getting the tea there, he would go ahead to drink tea.

 Even if the car gets lightly packed, the rest of the lunch will be served even if it gets two o'clock. There was a small raid, the car was parked and landed there. The house was not particularly big, there were three rooms, they had shoplifted in one. There were packets of wafers hanging in front of the shop. The two dogs were sitting in a corner. There were no walks in or around the shop. Nehal sat on a chair and Sukatu approached the shop and spoke.

"Is there a shop?" Came a woman who had killed a four-year-old boy. Upon seeing this, Sukatu took the outside of the two wafers and said.

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Letter Of Invitation To The Guardians Of The Students In Celebration Of Republic Day
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