Std 3 to 8 unit test mark entry start now website link here

Std 3 to 8 unit test mark entry start now website link here


The SBI Mutual Fund online portal is a quick, convenient and efficient tool that lets you carry out and manage your investments online, by offering a host of services and facilities.
Take a look at the features that make your online investments hassle-free
Easy Customer On-boarding:   All you need to do is complete your KYC process and register your email address to generate your username and password, before you start investing online in funds of your choice.
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Family Solution Tool:   With our Family Solution Tool, you can plan your investments and maximise returns in order to be financially capable of achieving the dreams and goals of your family members​.
Financial Transactions:   You can now complete financial transactions like investing in a scheme of your choice, switching your investments from one scheme to another or redeeming your investments from a particular scheme, online; in just a few clicks.
Compare Funds:   Keep a track on the performance of funds and compare funds to see the change in their NAVs over a period of time, so that you can take informed decisions about your investments in different categories of funds.
Online Chat:   For any kind of assistance, you can chat with our expert online, who will answer queries and help you out to ensure that your online investment process is hassle-free and convenient.

Create Watch-lists and Alert Notifications:   If you want to proactively manage your investments based on a sound market understanding, the online portal lets you create watch-lists to keep a close track of your chosen funds and also set alert notifications so that the information you need and want is always at hand.
Std 3 to 8 unit test mark entry start now website link available now
Mutual funds are pretty sophisticated products and being a first-time investor; you could be pretty confused. Understanding how mutual funds work is the first step towards your investment journey.
This article covers the following:
1. How do Mutual Funds work?

Mutual funds are investment havens which pool savings from several investors under a particular scheme managed by an asset management company (AMC). The pooled money is then invested in securities like equity shares, bonds according to the scheme’s investment objective. The fund manager, appointed by the AMC, manages the investment portfolio as per the market movements to create wealth for investors. The fund house charges an annual fee called expense ratio from the investors to manage their portfolio. The investors make money through regular dividends/interest and capital appreciation. They can either choose to reinvest the capital gains via a growth option or earn a steady income by way of a dividend option.
2. Why should you invest in Mutual Funds?
Investing in mutual funds is a simple process. It is a paperless process where you can monitor the market and make investments as per your requirement. Moreover, the facility of switching between funds and portfolio rebalancing helps in keeping your returns in line with expectations.
Low initial investment
You can have a diversified mutual fund portfolio in hand with investments as low as Rs. 500. You also have the option to invest either as a lump sum or a systematic investment plan (SIP). However, when compared to lump-sum investments, a SIP lowers the overall cost of investment while unleashing the power of compounding.
Section 80C provides tax deductions on specific financial instruments, and mutual fund is one of them. Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) has become a popular tax-saving option for Indians in the last few years, owing to its higher returns and the shortest lock-in period of 3 years.
Professional fund management
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Std 3 to 8 unit test mark entry start now website link available now

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Std 3 to 8 unit test mark entry start now website link here
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