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Drip Irrigation System In Gujarat

Drip Irrigation System In Gujarat

Drip irrigation, also referred to a drip, dripline, subsurface or low volume irrigation, is the process of delivering precise amounts of water and nutrients directly to the plant’s root zone, drop by drop, offering users exact irrigation control and efficient use of limited water resources.

The past week has been beneficial for farmers in a way.  The central government announces multi-crore multi-crore schemes for farmers.  First of all, the Prime Minister announced the agriculture irrigation scheme. For this, Rs. 50,000 crore will be spent from the central budget in five years.  The share of states also fell into it.  A small portion of it will also cost MNREGA.  The government believes that more than 6 lakh hectares of land will be irrigated due to the scheme.  While 5 lakh hectares of land will benefit from drip irrigation system.  About 13000 aquaculture projects have also been implemented.  Currently, 45% of the land in the country is under irrigation.  The government wants to increase investment in irrigation sector through this scheme and increase foreign production.

The question is, will the amount allocated to such a large amount really reach the farmers?  So far, there have been many such schemes.  Earlier governments also believed that a single rupee allocated from the center would reach 10 paise by reaching the people.  This means that in addition to the administrative costs, khaki suffers.  There is no guarantee that this will not happen in the scheme.  In fact, as subsidies have been deposited directly into the people's account, the farmers who apply for irrigation schemes have to organize the way in which their benefit can be directly credited to their account.

The Prime Minister has initiated a digital plan and will have to see how much the irrigation scheme benefits.  In addition, the government has also announced another important online national agricultural market.  200 crore has been allocated for this.  Wholesale markets across the country will be linked online.  Currently there are over 7,000 markets operating under APMC.  The government claims that farmers will get higher yields for their products due to the online agrimarkt. The fact is that farmers also need to be smart in order to participate in online agromarket.

Netafim dripline products such as Techline CV and Techline feature pressure compensating, continuously self-flushing emitters. With Techline CV, a check valve psi also built into every emitter. With both products, you may install them subsurface or on-surface exactly where you want to irrigate.

For more information Netafim’s revolutionary driplines please visit About Techline CV or About Techline.

Netafim dripline is the quickest and easiest way to install irrigation for shrub beds, narrow strips or areas bordering buildings, walls, walkways and streets.

Just snake it around the plants, secure it with soil staples every few feet and cover with mulch.


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