New rules in sbi bank 1st October start 2019 read info.

New rules in sbi bank 1st October start 2019 read info.

Since 1st October 1st, many new rules have been implemented across the country, which have a direct impact on the lives of ordinary people. October is often a monetary change, which can have an impact on your nail. For banking, transportation and GST, change the bank and old rules which have been in force since October 1, 2019. Find out what's changing.
New rules in sbi bank 1st October start 2019 read info.

(1) Modify the rules of withdrawal from ATMs: SBI's ATM charges have also changed. Now banks customers get more than 10 free debit transaction connections from SB ID ATMs in metro cities. The current surroundings are 6 vehicles.

(2) Many things were missing: The GST Council's 37th visit was frequent. GST The council ride is the biggest journey in the hotel industry. (See Katnutness's website for static information) No taxes can be found on 1000 Saudi Tuna Bada now. To pay 12% GST on Roman Road, tariff up to Rs. 7500

(3) SBI These items are provided for free: the first oldest change is about the monthly average balance. Book a charge if SBI's bank account does not have a monthly average balance account. Now if you are a metro city and urban area branches of a bank account, the average monthly balance in an account balance is Rs. 5,000 and 3000 will be kept.

(4)% Prayer at Bibisen Repo Regal Limited Retail L3 No.33: Oriental Bank Muff Commerce (CBC) has created a new retail and MSE lawn farm with locking ratepay. Consider the new floating form loan and retail loan interest rates under MSE and retail loan.

(5) No 0.75% C75 Payback on Petrol-Diesel Purchase: You will no longer go 0.75% cashback on petrol-diesel purchases with SBI credit card. SBI Credit Card has written messages from its customers which are closed from 1 October.

(6) Regular change of driving license: કરવું Update driving license below October. (See Kattanness website for static information) Indeed, a vehicle registration certificate (RC) driving license is a legal place.

(7) Decrease in Corporate Tax Nux: Manufacturing Company Option to pay 15% tax after 1 October as per new Minister announcement.

(8) Pension policy change: If an employee has not completed the service year and has died, then his death pension has the benefit of a birthday. (See the Kinatness website for static information) In today's case, about 50% of the last pension has been reviewed. But now the pension after the death of a 7-year-old serving employee.

(9) Increase GST on stories: Railway ride and wagon has increased the rate of GST from 12 percent to 12 percent.

(10) Plastic sanctions: 2 totebration roast The government launches a campaign related to the ban on the consumption of plastic ethila 6 products. It is very important to ban single-use plastics to eliminate heavy pollution. This move by the government opens up new chemical facilities for the general public.

(11) Restrictions on share transfer against funds: SEBI prohibits fund transfer on share transfer, which is applicable on 7th October. Source

New rules country 1st October 2019 


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New rules in sbi bank 1st October start 2019 read info.
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