Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo avoids talking about himself. However, in a recent interview, Ronaldo spoke a lot about his heart. We don't want to fall into it, but there is one thing that applies to everyone a little bit. "The crowd surrounds me wherever I go," Ronaldo said. I can't even get out with my girlfriends and kids. Well, this thing is understood. However, he later said that there are only four people in my life whom I can rely on with my eyes closed. How many people are there in your life? Think carefully, it will take time to even think the name. We do not have people who do not have the burden of talking to us. Speaking of others, most couples don't even tell their life partner all the things. It is not, of course, not to say that he has to hide, the fact is, man does not have faith. Will this make sense to me or not? What do you mean by that? How will you judge me? What if his beliefs about me change? Many relationships are also linked to delusion. People fear that if I speak the truth, their behavior will change.
How many people do we really feel in our lives? One study says that at any given time in a person's life, at least 20 people are the closest. Even in these twenty, there are ten people who change from time to time. Permanent is only ten. While in school, we have a good acquaintance with ten boys or girls. Two or four of them have a close friendship. When the school is finished, those people are removed.

Meet new friends in college. Then the people who work with us in the job are closer to us. Sometimes we talk to someone every day. Talking about office work becomes essential every day. In addition, if the person is like minded, personal stories are also shared with him. Instead of a job, it also goes away. In your life, there must have been people with whom you had to talk to an Atlas once a day. Just a little thought, talking to those people is rarely going to happen now. Some friends also come into our life, who do not walk without talking, are also gradually disappearing. It is not often remembered that the last time it was spoken.

Ten people are constantly connected to our lives. That doesn't go away. However, we do not talk all that much to the tenth. There are only two or four that are very personal. Many do not even have their luck. By the way, how much do we care about what is closest to our lives? It is not that we do not appreciate it. We tend to take care of it, but often we ignore it or take it for a takedown. Have you ever wondered, what happens to you if this person is not you? Think about it One misfortune is that we have no concern for those who worry about us. Even a person surrounded by constantly crowded people can be very lonely inside. The number of such 'lonely' people is increasing day by day. The simple, straightforward, and simple thing to do is to cherish what is closest to you.




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