Traffic Brigade Recruitment in Bhavnagar District


Traffic Brigade Recruitment in Bhavnagar District

                Traffic Brigade Recruitment in Bhavnagar District, Bhavnagar was in Bhavnagar city, Makawa and Paritana Municipality area to help Paul in conducting and regulating traffic in the following detail: – Bhavenagar Rakrique Education Trust, Total 1 – 4 – Tafat – Basit Masliit For recruitment of volunteers from Bhavnagar city, Mahuva and Palitana municipality area. 

               Candidates offering the leave are asked to stay on the certificate by entering the date, time and place of residence in the residence. * | Free With T Municipality Only Women Bhavnagar 2nd | Palitana * | Z | Candidate Selection Qualification of: Minimum Educational Qualification Standard – 2 (ssc) Pass Row Jauhai. Age should be between 3 and 6 years. Uio is – y is the function for y. M And 5s for women. M Should be heavy. Weight પુ 6. For male. Gr. And 5kg for women. Gr. Should be Also, should not be involved in crime, Spinic should be a resident of the municipality area and the family. According to the rules of the Government, 31 women reserves will be given: priority to the special qualification of selection primaries; LATEST JOBS ADVERTISEMENT CLICK HERE
(1) Noe (retired Army Corps),
(1) Copter’s Forest
(1) cross the Swee diving line
(1) Soldiers of the Paulus family
(1) have participated in sports at the state level
(1) Higher education qualifications,

 danger: 1) Candidates should obtain the original form during the Kapari period from Traffic Education Trustcio Police Training Bhavan, Police Superintendent’s Office, Nawapara, Bhavnagar, on 5/3/3. (B) Candidates should be resident in the Municipal Corporation Palika Municipality, in which case the candidate should have ration card, election card, Aadhar card, lightbill question, etc. Original and duplicate copy as proof of proof – 1 must be furnished with a. Udhini implement all matha tle and bring a copy – o. (v) As proof of the date, the total living certificate must be kept intact and a copy shall be accompanied by –

 1.Original copy of certificates of special qualification and experience and copy of the same – 1 my. E passport will be updated in size recently.
(1) Candidates should have approved Dr. Minna will have to bring along the medical signature of Fit Kroor as well as the sanctity of the local police station.
• The candidate will have to come at his own expense and his own responsibility in the recruitment process.

• No honorarium will be paid to the honorary servant who is present for the process. The appointment of Maa Haidam is tentative and private, so that no candidate can claim any right of employment if the candidate is deprived of the job for any reason after getting the appointment as honorary servant. General Chat Chat Lounge No wages shall be paid except for the payment of P100 / – per day for the duty of honorary servants. If paid or paid in accordance with the rules of the mercenary, the pay of honorary wage traffic bejukhan firm Bhavnagar tooth pay will be made accordingly. It will be taken every month or every 6 days. Candidates will have to come in full preparation if the physical examination and interview are to be completed in a single day. On the day of the recruitment process, there are 3 to 5.
Recruitment process for recruitment and admission upto 1૦N – (1) Government Capacity Cess (1) y dÈ 4m (minimum of 5 minutes) for female candidate (5m Minimum 3 Minutes) Minimum – Yp Minimum height for 5 cm Minimum high altitude for me and women M (2) Interviews: Traffic and Mama will have 4 marks regarding the interview. Prayers will be made on the basis of merit only after the fraudulent physical race has been completed, the marks of the race will not be taken in the selection process of the candidate – Recruitment Process Location: Venue: Office of the Pauwesei Superintendent, Bhavnagar Date * 1/2 Time – From 9am till the recruitment process # L The President of Bhavnagar: Freak Education Trust, Bhavnagar Information / BHQ. / ૯ Police
Arsh Bhavnagar.

Traffic Brigade Recruitment in Bhavnagar District

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