GPSC Computer Based Recruitment Test-CBRT


GPSC Computer Based Recruitment Test-CBRT


The CBRT test will be taken by the Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC)

What is the CBRT Test ....? Who will take the exam? Many exams will be taken by CBRT. Complete information on it.

Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) in the primary test of the ads in limited number of candidates in the primary test

The CBRT test has been filed on 1/3/1.

The "Computer Based Recruitment Test" (CBRT) method has been introduced.

This method is also known as Online Mode Of Exam.

The difference with the OMR & CBRT method

When to take the exam ...?

The OMR system will continue as per the prevailing system where there will be a large number of candidates.

According to the current method, the correct answer in the OMR Sheet is to encode the pen in a fixed circle in handwritten form,

When in CBRT (Computer Based Recruitment Test), the answer will be to encode by clicking with the mouse on the computer screen. According to CBRT, the paper is uploaded 5 minutes before the commencement of the question paper exam and

Printing of Question Paper and OMR Sheet,

Such as packing and transportation

Extra human to activities

Operation is not required.

Arrangements for MOCK TEST are available for CBRT exam practice half an hour before the start of the exam.

In the CBRT method, a candidate can change the answer given to any question at any time, anytime.

In addition, anyone can market the question for review. The CBRT can filter marked questions for review or unanswered questions through different filter options. Summary can be obtained at any time during the exam.

CBRT exam method can be considered Eco-Friendly if paper is not consumed like Question Paper / OMR Sheets.

CBRT for transparency of the exam.

What information will the candidate get ...?

Talking about the transparency of the exam

The CBRT method will have an audit log of any activity done by the candidate on the computer allotted to the candidate during the examination.

There is also a computer screen and video recording of the candidate.

Following the completion of the examination, the PDF file along with the details of the candidate's final answer and the time of reply will be uploaded to the website of the Commission which will have to be downloaded by the candidate.

Following are the first advertisements conducted by the CBRT on 6/9/3 at the Commission.

Jr 1 / 2-5

Professor of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Class-1 (Dental)

Jr 1 / 2-5

Professor of Public Health Dentistry Class - 1 (Dental)

Jr 1 / 2-5

Lecturer (Homeopathic Anatomy) Class - 1

Jr 1 / 2-5

Pharmacology Tutor, Class - 1

Ta. Held on 3/1/1

Successfully applied in the preliminary test of JS 1 / 2-5.

When the two primary tests on 1/4/1

Jr.3 / 1-5

Jr.5 / 1-5

But this will be done with this method. The CBRT system will be conducted with the primary test taking into account the availability of computers and other technical equipment in the advertisements that will increase the number of candidates in the future.

For further clarification of CBRT method and guidance / necessary instruction, candidates are informed to be updated with information by visiting the notice board of the Commission's website / GPSC-OJAS.

Thus, the GPSC will be fully digitized

From applying for digital governance,

Conducting examinations through CBRT,

Uploading OMR Insertsheets within 4 hours at the end of the primary test,

Do online Assessment of Descriptive Question Papers,

Deposit (Uploading) facility on IASS (Integrated Application Scrutiny System) facility required for physical interview or main written examination based on primary / competitive result,

In the interview process, the process of digitizing the 'computerized marking system' and the final result on the website, Twitter and GPSC Mobile App have been digitized by the Commission.

(GPSC)Computer Based Recruitment Test-CBRT

Important Notice: Regarding General Instructions for Computer Based Recruitment


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