Announcement of Arithmetic and Secondary Drawing Examination 2019.


Announcement of Arithmetic and Secondary Drawing Examination 2019.

Examination taken by the State Examination Board should be given to specific students.
Teacher's Day is celebrated on September 5th.  But World Teachers' Day is celebrated on October 5. 

In Teacher's Day, students honor teachers and have different programs.
The teacher plays a big and important role in decorating our lives.  We help a lot for success.  

As we increase our knowledge, skill level, confidence and confidence and shape our lives.  We also have some responsibilities for such a sincere teacher.  PRIMARY SCHOOL We all need to warmly congratulate our teacher as an obedient student and shed light on the lives of countless students for selfless service throughout the life.  It should be thanked and thanked. 

 It's a great opportunity to thank him and spend time with him.  Teacher's Day.
On September 5, the former President of India Dr.  Sarvapalli is the birthday of Radhakrishnan, who has been declared as Teacher's Day in India in his memory.  He was very devoted to education and one of the leaders was recognized as the President of diplomatic India and especially as a teacher.  Da Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was the Malayalam language teacher at the Presidency College in Chennai before the President.
September 5th We celebrate the birthday of our former President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan as "Teacher's Day".  Dr.  Radhakrishnan was a great philosopher and teacher.  He once said - "I am a teacher first, and then president.
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The game delights the person.  While playing the game, the man playing becomes happy and happy.  Become blissful.  The man playing the game laughs, jumps, mocks, dances, sings, sounds, enjoys, shakes, gets the chance to relieve confusion, and gathers all the energy to relieve confusion.

During the game the person relieves his or her grip and gets mixed up with everyone  Talks with everyone.  Man can earn more money than just the pleasure of earning money.  Eating, eating, drinking, going to the office, working out, etc. This game delights the person in the daily activities of the person, which makes the life of the man many times shaky.
How much fun do my kids enjoy playing?  What to talk about?  Hey… ..?  Children may start to clap about playing games.  The rock clutches seem to laugh.  Whether the baby is young or fat, black or eagle, of this breed or of the tribe, whether wearing thick clothes, whether in the village or in the city, the children are finally children!  There is nothing fun and everyday to play the game.

The wonderful joy of playing with children is a reminder of the joy of life.  What a nail when a baby is playing at sixteen.  Weak in the class but enthusiastically participate in the game.  How fast the child's thought process becomes.
The thought process that children take when teaching in the classroom, sometimes goes through a fast thought process through play.  The process of decision-making, the process of escape, agility, speed, enthusiasm, coping with fear, the process of turning hope into hope, joyful nature, and so many other processes that a child experiences.  Ultimately, education is a realization that… ..!

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Announcement of Arithmetic and Secondary Drawing Examination 2019.

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