4 lakh applications were received. In the clerk's examination, the malpractice examiner was given an answer key

4 lakh applications were received. In the clerk's examination, the malpractice examiner was given an answer key
            in front of the space.  4 lakh applications were received.  Clerk Examination Gets Answers Key To Examination |  Ahmedabad, Sunday |  Students coped with the copy case.  Important matters in the examination of the Senior Clerk of the Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad  It is a case of misconduct by the corporation that the notification of closure of CCTV to the school has been made.  At a school in Maninagar |  Was given.  Munich.  The school authorities were instructed to keep CCTV off and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation |  A.  Scanned.  This kind of malpractice |  Said.  'Empty by being accused of malpractice.  ની Junior Clerk |  On the other hand, protests on Sunday to fill school space when others protested  To them by administrators. 

         More 10 to 15|  He has come.  Kajal says he was held.  Red Tempted to give 7 minutes for space.  What questions arise?  The results will not be released until the investigation is complete!  * Why come to Ahmedabad, Sunday to shut down CC TV?  Munich.  After years in the corporation, the process for hiring a junior clerk has been cut off outside the examination hall.  For which the written examination on Sunday should be given from 5 centers and no one knows!  How can this be done in case of malpractice in a center in Maninagar area?  Munich. 
           The system has ordered an investigation.  The examiners would not have protested.  A senior official of the system said that what would have happened in the exam was malpractice?  The matter will be investigated.  As long as the investigation process is going on, the results of the examination will not be malicious to any other examination center. If malpractice is detected, it will be taken against the perpetrators.  Could it be?  ૧.  About 1 lakh applications were received.  |  To be  But the examiners also alleged that responsible action was taken against them from 3 examination centers on Sunday.  Is.  Will there be a duty to call the police when there is a riot?  1, 2 candidates appeared for this exam  Had fallen.  General Chat Chat Lounge  The answer was sticky on the other side. 
           Examination of these candidates on Sunday called an examiner named Shraddha who |  CCTV closure of the corporation.  Held in various schools of the city  The school system said that the class instruction was given to the malpractices.  Maninagar is located at Girwa well.  Was examining in the room.  He had stated.  Corporation officials also conducted this examination in this Raja Bhagat school  Check if Kajal had gone out of the classroom.  If there was malpractice, it was.  You and she came up with the answer key because of the malpractice in the exam.  He |  Spoke of cancellation of candidacy  'Alleged.  The examiners swam  All answers were written down.  If the other |  The CCTV was instructed to shut down. 
          The examiners allege that Kajal |  An examiner named Shobam school exams class room called Hobba Desai |  Increase by 5 to 5 minutes for not doing so  Accepted the answer as to why the instruction was given but why it was gone.  There he was tempted by a person to give him time to laugh  Could not give.  1 Response By A Person |  5 to 5k to do  Children |  Admit that being
2 in front of the space. 4 lakh applications were received. In the clerk's examination, the malpractice examiner was given an answer key.