Regarding increasing the date of filing of Income tax

Regarding increasing the date of filing of Income tax

Government of india

Ministery of finance

Department of revenue

Central Board of direct taxes

An educator (in like manner called an educator or, in certain particular conditions, a teacher) is a person who encourages other individuals to secure learning, abilities or values.Informally the activity of instructor may be taken on by anyone (for instance when advising an accomplice the most ideal approach to play out a specific task). In specific countries, preparing adolescents of school age may be finished in an easygoing setting, for instance, inside the family (self-educating), rather than in a formal setting, for instance, a school or school. Some various purposes for living may incorporate a great deal of educating (for instance youth worker, pastor) is enlightening website. The due date for filling income tax return for Assesment year 201920 is 31/7/2019 for certain categaries of tax prayers. It has been reported that some of the tax prayers are facing difficulties in filling their income tax return due to varios resons. Including extention of due date of issue of form 16 for the Assesment year 201920

  In this regard the central board of direct taxes in exercies of in power confered under section 119 of the income tax Act 1961 hear by extends the due date as prescribed under section 139 (1) of the Act. For filling income tax return from 31st july 2019 to 31st August 2019 in case off all teaxprayers who are liable to file their income tax return by the said due date.

           Under secretry to the government of india.

Regarding increasing the date of filing of Income tax