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BLO all form pdf file 2022

• A voter registered in one constituency while residing in another constituency

Instead, form no.6 must be filled.

To register as a voter form no. 6 Guidelines for Filling

How to fill Form No. 6?

The applicant can get his name entered in the electoral roll where he is a normal resident of the Assembly constituency. Hence form no. 6 This application should be addressed to the Voter Registration Officer of the Electoral Division of that Assembly. Hence the petitioner provided for this purpose

In the blank space which is to be indicated name-number of that Assembly Constituency.

The applicant is applying for registration as a voter for the first time or another assembly voter

Voters who wish to enter their name in this constituency due to shifting from a division should tick the box opposite the applicable option and give full details about the same in the declaration section of the form. Otherwise the form is liable to be canceled at the initial stage due to incomplete details.

Applicant's recent 3.5 cm. × 3.5 cm. Color passport size photograph (200 dpl

resolution) shall be pasted in the space provided for this, in the electoral roll

Use of this photograph to print applicant's photo and issue voter photo identity card Photo will happen The photograph should include a full face, close-up of the head and both shoulders.

*The photograph should have a plain, light colored background and no other people or objects should be visible with the voter.

The photograph should be of high quality, without any wrinkles or ink stains, should show the natural color of the voter's face in sufficient light and the facial features of the voter should be clearly identifiable and well visible. The whole of the voter should be open and clearly visible and the eyes should not be covered due to hat / shade etc. If the applicant wears spectacles, the eyes should be clearly visible in the photograph, without any light reflection. Spectacles should not have colored lenses and the frame of the spectacles should not cover any part of the voter's eyes.

Every applicant is required to provide complete information from column (7) to column (5) in the application form.

Column (a) – Name and Column (b) – Surname (if any)

• Write your name (First Name) in column (A) with correct spelling so that your name appears correctly in the electoral roll and voter photo identity card. Surname has to be shown in column (B). If the applicant has no surname Column (b) should be left blank.

Category except as shown as part of the applicant's name or surname

Needless to mention. * Name should be preceded by Mr., Mrs. Kumari, Khan, Begum, Pandit, etc. title or noun.


The applicant may mention his name in the official language of that state and if possible in English language.

Column (c) - Name and surname of relative of the applicant

In this box, the name (and surname, if any) of the relative (father / mother / husband / wife / other) whom the applicant wants to enter in the electoral roll along with his name must be shown.

In case of unmarried female applicant to indicate the name of applicant's mother or father. In case of a married woman applicant, the name of the applicant's husband should be mentioned.

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BLO all form pdf file 2022

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Column (d) - type of relation

In this box tick the applicable box provided for the relationship of the person named in column (c) to the applicant.

Column (5) – Age and Column (6) – Date of Birth

• The age of the applicant should be 18 years or above as on 1st January of the year in respect of which the electoral roll is being revised, the age of the applicant in respect of eligibility date is to be indicated in column (y) in full year and month. Also, if the applicant knows his date of birth, date (two digits) - month (two digits) / year (four digits) should be indicated in figures in column (six) in (DD/MM/YYYY) format. Documentary proof of date of birth if applicant is between 18 and 21 years of age

Form no. 6 has to be connected.

A copy of any one of the following proofs can be attached as proof of date of birth.

(1) Given by the Municipal Authority or the District Office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths

birth certificate or baptism certificate, or (ii) birth certificate of the school (Government / Recognized) where the applicant last studied or any other recognized educational institution; or (3) as proof of date of birth, if the person has studied Class-10 or above

Copy of Class 10 mark sheet including date of birth; Or

(4) Class-8 mark sheet including date of birth OR

(5) Class 5 mark sheet mentioning date of birth, or

(6) Indian Passport: Or

(7) PAN Card: Or

(8) driving license; OR (9) Aadhaar letter / Aadhaar card issued by UIDAI

If any of the above documents are not available, either of the parents of the applicant

(in case of third caste applicant his Guru) should make a statement in the prescribed form. involved

• In case applicant has given statement of mother/father as proof of age

Self Polling Station Officer (Booth Level Officer - BLO) / Assistant Voter Registration

Officer / Voter Registration Officer has to appear for verification. * If none of the above documents are available and in case neither of the parents is present, the age certificate of the applicant issued by the Sarpanch of the concerned Gram Panchayat or the member of the concerned Nagar Nigam-Nagarpalika Samiti may be attached.

• Applicant age above 21 years and BLO / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer /

In case the Electoral Registration Officer is satisfied from the physical appearance of the applicant, the statement of age given by the applicant will be taken as proof of age and no other documentary evidence will be required. more and his name in the electoral roll anywhere in India

In case it is not filed, the applicant has to give a statement in the prescribed format.

Otherwise his application will be liable to be rejected.

Column (j) - Caste of the applicant In this column the applicant should tick (5) in the applicable box – Male / C / Third Caste

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