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Recruitment of associate teachers in model schools

 Subject-:72 Recruitment of associate teachers in model schools

Reference: 1. Education Department's Resolution Number: Sum-102019-1039-G.1. Dated 31/08/2019 2. Correspondence from this office – SSA/Model School/EDN-19/2021/

11593 dated 08/04/2022 3. Administrative Sanction No. of EDN-19 of the year 2022-23- SAMSH-102021 tea 05-G.1. Dt.- 06/05/2022

4. Pursuant to the order received on the note of Hon.S.P.D.Shri

In accordance with the said subject and reference (1), a resolution has been approved for the recruitment of associate teachers in 72 model schools from reference-2 through this office for associate teachers and subject teachers in 72 model schools Rs. 5000.00 lakhs was placed in respect of the current year estimate for which administrative approval has been accorded vide Resolution No.-3 referred to.

Sadar Grant sanctioned in EDN-19 to all model schools from your level

The district education officer concerned is requested to outsource the recruitment of teachers of different co-curricular subjects (such as art teacher, music teacher, sports teacher, librarian, computer teacher and lab assistant-3) as approved in the resolution this year. It is also requested to inform the office about the above action.

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