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Matter of submission of details of BRC/CRC.

 Subject:- Matter of submission of details of BRC/CRC.

Returning to the above subject, BRC/CRC while serving in your district. and BRC/CRC. The following details of the teachers who have become redundant due to the return of the teachers have to be prepared in the prescribed format kept herewith and sent to this office on by 11.00 am on 25/07/2022.

1. Number of BRCs/CRCs returned on completion of deputation

2. Number of BRCs/CRCs redeployed (in the year 2022 recruitment) among those returned.

3. Number of teachers increased by return to BRC/CRC

4. Formerly B.R.C./C.R.C. No. and number of newly appointed BRCs/CRCs

Excel Sheet showing the details of the number of your District/Town Education Committee in the prescribed form should be sent in soft copy and BRC/CRC as mentioned in the form. Number wise list of names should be sent in PDF file with signature-coin of the competent authority. The above information is to be presented in the Name. High Court, please give priority.

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