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Matter of starting Automated Testing Station on P.P.P basis in the State of Gujarat

Matter of starting Automated Testing Station on P.P.P basis in the State of Gujarat.

In the state of Gujarat on PPP basis

To start an automated testing station


Government of Gujarat

Resolution No .: MVD / 10204091, B Ports and Transportation Department

Secretariat, Gandhinagar

Reading -

Ta. 7/02/202

1) Notification GSR 652 (F) of the Ministry of Roads and Transport, Government of India dated 8/06/2021

Introduction: Section 4 of the Motor Vehicles Act-19 provides for the issuance of fitness certificate tests and certificates for transport vehicles. There is also a provision for periodical inspection in non-transport vehicles at the time of re-registration after completion of 18 years of registration and in some vehicles as per Rule 13-A of Gujarat Motor Vehicle Rules-12, the purpose of which is to maintain the safety of passengers on the road and reduce pollution.

Vehicle fitness checks are done manually in RTO offices. In its place, the Central Government on September 6, 2012 added a sub-regulation to Rule-4 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules-18, recognizing the need to set up a system that would make this operation qualitative, transparent as well as use of technology. Fixed. These include registration process of automated testing station, eligibility of applicants, conflict of interest, structural requirement, manpower requirement, validity of registration certificate, procedure and method of testing, method of re-test, provision of appeal. All the important matters like periodic audits and assessments, powers of the registration authority, provision of fees, standards of rigorous tests at automated testing stations, specification of equipment for automated testing stations are covered in detail.

With this in mind, the government was considering setting up of automated testing stations on PPP basis to issue quality fitness inspections in the state of Gujarat as well as to issue fitness as per the notification of the Central Government.

                After careful consideration, the government has decided to develop an automated testing station in the state of Gujarat on a PPP basis. In order to make the whole process easier and clearer by covering other matters besides the policy of the Central Government, the following additional matters are defeated by the Government.

1) The vehicle transaction commissioner will be the registering authority for approving the automated testing station. While the Secretary, Vehicle Transactions Department will be the appellate officer to hear the appeal against this Registration Authority. Prerequisite for obtaining Preliminary Registration Certificate for setting up of Automated Testing Station 2)

Applicants can apply to the Office of the Commissioner of Transport for Central Motor Vehicles of the Central Government

Sent application along with required form fee and documents as per rule-53 (2) of rule-12 Will have to give.

3)No single applicant can apply for setting up of more than 10 (ten) stations.

            At the time of applying for the Preliminary Registration Certificate, the applicant should have owned the premises where the automated testing station is to be set up as per the policy of the Central Government or leased it for 10 (ten) years. * Preliminary Registration Certificate 'can be issued without 10 (ten) year lease agreement but if 10 (ten) year lease agreement is not submitted within 6 (six) months from the date of application approval, then "Preliminary Registration Certificate" will be issued.

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