Subject: - Matter of keeping the teacher present in the camp.

Regarding the above subject and the reference, it should be mentioned that in the resolution 1 to 5 taken from the reading, provisions have been made for the transfer of primary teachers / teaching assistants. Respect to the sub reference - 2. Instruction has been received from the letter of the Director Gandhinagar to change the slaughter. Thus in the primary schools owned by Mehsana District Education Committee, Ta. As per the instruction from the letter of Camp Reference-2, as per the instruction, it has been kept as per the instruction from the letter of Camp Reference-2, which has changed the number of teachers in the school, which is increasing in the school.

 Your attention is drawn to the following matters.

 1. At present, regarding the Kovid-12 epidemic of Corona, you should keep instructing all the teachers of your school that no other teacher should be present in the camp except the teacher. As far as possible, keep it with sanitizer and use it from time to time. And social distance must be maintained. Also, the teacher must keep his / her identity card with him / her.Will be.

 The slain teacher must be present at the camp site and choose the place. Otherwise unilateral order after camp

 Will be done and no one will be able to claim later. (1) The teachers of the slaughter of that year (2) The teachers who have been removed from the taluka in the previous year and (3) The teachers who have been supernumerated in the previous year and the teachers who are eligible to get the benefit of return

 All figures must be instructed to be present at the camp.

 Record the teacher who will actually be in the school and another teacher will be sent to the camp instead

 Also, if the present dates of the school have been tampered with and changed, then it will come to the notice of this office

 Personal responsibility will be considered.


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